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    [Albion] Mascot packages are available to buy again

    Does anyone know the eligibility requirements for these packages? I’m an ST and can’t seem to buy…
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    [Albion] Mascot packages are available to buy again

    Any idea when these will be on sale for Grimsby at home?
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    [Albion] Stoke Tickets

    You could try Newcastle under Lyme, that’s the nice part of Stoke I believe.
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    [Misc] Dan Walker: Knocked off bike, lands on face.

    At least in my perspective, it appears as if the cyclist never contemplated that a driver could move across. I’m not saying the driver should have moved across, they shouldn’t have but you still need to have an awareness of other road users and not ride around nonchalantly on a large major...
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    [Misc] Dan Walker: Knocked off bike, lands on face.

    Arguably lazy driving but it’s one that has been missed right in the blind spot. I used to jog through this roundabout every morning on the way to work, there’s a bike path for a reason - use it.
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    [Travel] The 15 Minute City and Low Traffic Neighborhoods.

    It’s beyond me that anyone would support the idea that it’s acceptable for the state to dictate how often a citizen can directly travel through zone 1 to zones 2-6 in a given year. And if such a draconian measure was even proposed why not support it with subsidised or free public transport, the...
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    [Albion] Atmosphere at the Amex comfortably the worst in the league

    Having had an ST back of N1C and known a lot of the NSK fanbase they don’t have an objective to shout over the other songs, they just want an atmosphere. I would say that the noise doesn’t travel that well to either side as it’s not carried particularly well by the blocks in between. If the...
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    [Albion] Deleting a YouTube channel without ….

    How awful, sorry to hear 😞
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    [Albion] Car parking for Bournemouth

    PM sent. Thanks for the offer
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    [Albion] Mascot packages are available to buy again

    Assume I now have to wait until another batch are released next season. Can anyone comment on the mascot experience (if they have brought for their little one) and whether it was worth it?
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    [Albion] Pseudo Albion fans

    If they have grown up in Brighton, I assume Brighton will likely have been their second team in any event. Success breeds plastics but I think an exception for those who are actually from the area can be made. If they follow us now (as their main team) and attend even better imo.
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    [Albion] Ticket Exchange for Liverpool

    There are a few scattered singles available in the North now if you are looking.
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    [TV] fire stick

    Theres a message icon next to your username on the top right of the screen, click this icon and click "start new conversation". I hope that helps.
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    [Albion] Ticket Exchange for Liverpool

    I thought the same keep an eye out this week, I'm sure Thurs/Fri tickets will crop up with last min drop outs. I picked one up in NS yesterday.
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    [Albion] ST guest tickets

    Thanks all.
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    [Albion] ST guest tickets

    I want to buy ST guest tickets for Albion v Man City in a couple of months. I am wondering whether the guest will need to create a fan number or whether it is fine to leave the ST owner as the owner of the ticket and print at home. Thanks in advance.
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    [Albion] Ticket Exchange Open for Arsenal Match

    They have allowed purchase history for these games in previous years.
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    [Brighton] Taxi driver takes passenger passport

    This and I can’t see it’s been asked, why didn’t the girlfriend pay?