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  1. JetsetJimbo

    [Albion] Evan Ferguson

    Had no idea that Duffy is Ireland's top scorer since Robbie Keane retired - with 6 goals since then (August 2016). Shocking stat.
  2. JetsetJimbo

    [Football] Leandro Trossard **Sold To Arsenal 20/01/2023**

    Complete speculation on my part, but I suspect Trossard wasn't in a great place mentally when he left us. He was expecting to be a star of a Belgium side that went far in the world cup, but he didn't play much and they didn't get very far; at his age and at this stage in his career, his last...
  3. JetsetJimbo

    [News] Roald Dahl being updated for modern times

    What seems to be missing from much of this debate is an acknowledgement that this is being done by the Dahl estate, not some shadowy Government Institute of PC Wokery or whatever, and it's being done to keep the books marketable to new audiences with views that differ from those that prevailed...
  4. JetsetJimbo

    [Albion] VAR decision on Estupiñán goal

    I'll be curious to see if everyone's still so calm about this error at the end of the season when we miss out on Europe by two points and Palace escape relegation by one point. I'm being flippant of course, but it's not a completely improbably scenario.
  5. JetsetJimbo

    [Albion] To Avoid De Zerbi Bashing - The Staying Up Tracker - season 2022-23 Game 24 Update - 15 OVER

    This season, I've been looking at the League One table when I feel myself getting too carried away. There are so many teams down there that were Premier League sides in my lifetime, many of which were lauded as "well-run" clubs at the time.
  6. JetsetJimbo

    [Albion] VAR decision on Estupiñán goal

    I bet we miss out on a European place by two points.
  7. JetsetJimbo

    [Albion] Alexis Mac Allister - *** New Contract Until 2025 ***

    He's been an absolute model pro. Even if he leaves in the summer, he deserves our respect for that. (I know he's likely to leave in the summer, but I keep hoping that the prospect of forming a midfield partnership with Facundo Buonanotte that could endure for club and country could be enough to...
  8. JetsetJimbo

    [Albion] Moises Caicedo - New contract signed until summer 2027 with 1 year extra option.

    I know quite a few Arsenal fans (north London was my first home before my family moved to Brighton when I was a nipper), and they've been nothing like the numpties I've seen replying to Andy Naylor's Twitter threads. It could just be the difference between people's online behaviour and their...
  9. JetsetJimbo

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Liverpool *** Official Match Thread ***

    I’ve only watched two games with my Liverpool-supporting boss, and they were the 3-0 and this game. Gotta watch more Brighton games with him, he’s our lucky charm.
  10. JetsetJimbo

    [Albion] Moises Caicedo - New contract signed until summer 2027 with 1 year extra option.

    Does anyone else remember this article from the NYT from when were signing Caicedo? https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/21/sports/soccer/transfer-market-moises-caicedo.html I mention it because it talks about how difficult he was to sign due to his rights and representation being a total mess...
  11. JetsetJimbo

    [Albion] Alexis Mac Allister - *** New Contract Until 2025 ***

    Just noticed that he's at number 47 in the Guardian's list of the top 100 footballers. That's gotta add a few quid to his price, even if he should be higher.
  12. JetsetJimbo

    [Albion] Oxlade Chamberlain on a free

    Kinda weird that we're simultaneously becoming the place for South American wonderkids to launch their European careers AND the place for older UK pros to see out their careers. But you only have to look at how good Lallana and Welbeck have been for us to see that it's no bad thing - these...
  13. JetsetJimbo

    [Football] Leandro Trossard **Sold To Arsenal 20/01/2023**

    The transfer seems like a decent outcome for everyone, like others have said. But I'm really struck by the post-World-Cup contrast between Trossard and Mac Allister. Trossard's acting as if he, not Mac Allister, was a key figure in the side that won the World Cup, when in reality he was an...
  14. JetsetJimbo

    [Technology] PS4 External Storage

    You don't get the full speed benefits of an SSD going through the PS4's USB ports anyway - you do get a small improvement, but probably not enough to justify the extra cost. So if he's only going to use it on the PS4, a hard disk should be fine, you'll get a lot more capacity for your money. If...
  15. JetsetJimbo

    [Politics] Brexit

    It is. But as someone with a South American sister-in-law, I can assure you that spuriously denying visas has been the Home Office's MO for a *very* long time now. They literally use it as a revenue-raising exercise. What's changed here is that more people are getting caught up in this bs...
  16. JetsetJimbo

    [Albion] Mwepu

    You have to click the "read more" button
  17. JetsetJimbo

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Liverpool *** Official Match Thread ***

    Watched this with my Liverpool-supporting boss. Hope I still have a job on Monday! (j/k, he's a good bloke)
  18. JetsetJimbo

    [Albion] Market value of last night's starting XI

    I'd previously seen in reported that we paid £2.5m apiece for Mitoma and Gross, rather than £3m. In either case, here's a fun little exercise: Add up what we paid for all four of our goalscorers against Everton, and compare that to the fee they paid us for Maupay.
  19. JetsetJimbo

    [Travel] Mainland Europe gripped by a heatwave

    We hit 17 degrees in Prague on NYE, it's very strange. I'm a bald man, I shouldn't be able to go out hatless in Prague on 31 December. On the plus side, I'm not suffering with the "January blues" I usually struggle with this time of year. Aside from the uneasy sense that "this ain't right", I'm...
  20. JetsetJimbo

    [Albion] Aaron Connolly (previous thread condensed.)

    [Edit - never mind, I'm slow this morning, didn't notice this had already been discussed] Off to Our Liam's Hull City, if you think the word of "Football League World" means anything. Not a site I'm familiar with, but here's the story...