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  1. Knocky's Nose

    [Sussex] Albanian narco gangs.

    I have a friend who works in CID, specifically operating in the "Narcotics" area - and he's always said the Albanians are the ones running the show. A propensity towards ruthless physical violence usually wins the day for them in their arena...
  2. Knocky's Nose

    [NSC] How do YOU use NSC?

    Always from my 'big computer' in my home office. It's where I relax and NSC is my (mostly) happy place!
  3. Knocky's Nose

    [Football] Roberto Firmino on a free?

    I know a few very knowledgable Liverpool fans who reckoned Firmino was the absolute engine behind their success. They absolutely loved him, and still do. Could he come to Brighton and do a job? Yes. Could he make every player in the dressing room ask for a pay rise after seeing what he's on...
  4. Knocky's Nose

    [Football] Potter at Chelsea

    Surely he'll get the tin tack soon... You just get the impression he's lost the players and he's a little bit out of his depth amongst the 'Galactic Superstar Squad' he's been handed... Too soon for him in my opinion, but he made his bed - and he's now laying in it. Fluff up the pillows...
  5. Knocky's Nose

    [Albion] Alexis Mac Allister - *** New Contract Until 2025 ***

    As long as we keep unearthing gems, developing talent and filling the holes left by players departing AND doing as well as we are, then I applaud Uncle Tony for what really is an incredible business model.
  6. Knocky's Nose

    [Finance] The cryptocurrency (Bitcoin etc) thread

    Great answer-dodge there... _________________________ What are the main reasons behind the decision to not introduce SwissBorg to the US? - Viktor Dimov The US market is very appealing - it’s massive, homogenous, and has a fantastic crypto community. However, entering any new market is a...
  7. Knocky's Nose

    [Finance] The cryptocurrency (Bitcoin etc) thread

    Until there's full regulation and insurance in the industry I don't trust leaving anything with anyone. I buy through Uphold and the second my transaction is cleared I'm flipping open my laptop, connecting up my Ledger Nano, and getting my crypto the f*ck off the exchanges.... If there's...
  8. Knocky's Nose

    [Finance] The cryptocurrency (Bitcoin etc) thread

    It's the last bit A token is a token, and a coin is a coin. You can have Private Ledgers, of course (to keep the riff raff from knowing your figures). In the case of XRP it'll be worth the same on a private or public ledger and I suspect that'll be the case industry wide. If it doesn't, then...
  9. Knocky's Nose

    [Finance] The cryptocurrency (Bitcoin etc) thread

    Crypto could indeed be independent of existing financial systems. Completely. However, do you think the banks and institutions will just shrug their shoulders, watch themselves go out of business, and walk away - or... will they realise that crypto and blockchain is the future of money and...
  10. Knocky's Nose

    [Finance] The cryptocurrency (Bitcoin etc) thread

    Ummm... that's like saying that home computers are being invested in because Memorex is throwing a bit of money at audio cassettes (back in the 80's). This thing is massive. Really. Massive. It's all being pushed under the radar so the rich and the elites can get their ducks in a row, buy...
  11. Knocky's Nose

    [Other Sport] RIP Dickie Davies

    RIP Dear Boy. A Legend of Sports Presenting and (via the Tellybox) a part of my Childhood.
  12. Knocky's Nose

    [Football] ‘Arry’ back again

    Yes, he moved from Sandbanks and now lives in the Canford Cliffs area. Both Bournemouth.
  13. Knocky's Nose

    [Albion] Anthony Knockaert

    I'd love to see Knocky get the love and adoration he so clearly needs. When he's firing on all cylinders he's dynamite in the Championship. :giggle:
  14. Knocky's Nose

    [Help] Born Agains Advice

    I'd just say to the family member that you respect their beliefs, but could they also respect yours and not talk about Jesus whilst you're there. If they refuse, a swift kidney punch usually works.
  15. Knocky's Nose

    [Finance] The cryptocurrency (Bitcoin etc) thread

    So you're dismissing XLM and XRP (your 'crapshoot'), the two payment rails that ALL these will either go through or interoperate with... :rolleyes: Honestly, I'm so done with "this is better than that" garbage. It's an ECOSYSTEM and it relies on INTEROPERABILITY... Remove your craniums from...
  16. Knocky's Nose

    [Finance] The cryptocurrency (Bitcoin etc) thread

    Get an Uphold account. Buy XRP, XLM, XDC, QUANT and Algorand. Buy a Ledger Nano and whichever else cold storage wallet you need (basically just get it off the exchange) Sit back for 3-5 years. Collect your riches. Not financial advice.
  17. Knocky's Nose

    [Finance] The cryptocurrency (Bitcoin etc) thread

    It's coming, wether we like it or not. There's a whole new financial system already in the pipeline. They're just finalising the details..
  18. Knocky's Nose

    [Finance] The cryptocurrency (Bitcoin etc) thread

    I'm all in on XRP but I've also bought Ripple and Polysign shares. Both bases covered. I'm just patiently sitting, waiting, hoping, watching - a bit like last Saturday at the Bournemuff game. :lolol:
  19. Knocky's Nose

    [TV] f*** you, Bush

    I suspect he's either just emerged from a YouTube and internet rabbit hole, or he's pissed. Or worse, both.... Either way, he's correct. Both Libya and Iraq tried to detach from the PetroDollar, and both leaders got rubbed out. Funny, that...