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  1. faoileán

    [News] Uganda stuck in the Dark Ages?

    Yes but homosexuality only exists in the decadent west...there never has and there never will be an African or Arab homosexual person...nope never
  2. faoileán

    [Albion] Hey Jude and Sweet Caroline

    Hey Jude is tolerable, Sweet Caroline is excrable...
  3. faoileán

    [Albion] I hoped for more, Grimsby

    Ooooh...you're hard
  4. faoileán

    [Albion] Mosaic Event as players walk out

    Like moaning about other people moaning...
  5. faoileán

    [Albion] I hoped for more, Grimsby

    What about the satsumas? There were 3 chucked on that I saw, and I didn't know they ate fruit up there...
  6. faoileán

    [Albion] I hoped for more, Grimsby

    Really? I didn't see any of that going on in WSL, and I didn't hear any piss take chants either...
  7. faoileán

    [Albion] I hoped for more, Grimsby

    Agreed; the ones I spoke to before the match were sound, but some of there chants showed a lack of class considering we didn't take the p1ss out of them. I couldn't see who they were directing it at but I haven't heard "get yer t1ts out for the lads" since 1984...
  8. faoileán

    [Albion] Simple straw poll: New Home Shirt - YAY/NAY ?

    From a purely design point of view...yes I still hate it. We are in the world's eye now and we need to establish a solid identity of proper B&W stripes.
  9. faoileán

    [Brighton] Graffiti Tagging - who is doing it and why?

    And it's often kids from middle class homes who are just doing it for kicks...
  10. faoileán

    [Brighton] Graffiti Tagging - who is doing it and why?

    OK, give me your address and I'll pop over to Sweden and give you a giant cock and balls on your front door...
  11. faoileán

    [Albion] Grimsby fans in the home stands - what would you do?

    As long as they're not being a*seholes who cares?
  12. faoileán

    [Brighton] Graffiti Tagging - who is doing it and why?

    But that response from the council is completely useless. If they won't take ownership for cleaning it up they should enforce the property owners to do so...
  13. faoileán

    [Brighton] Graffiti Tagging - who is doing it and why?

    When once in a blue moon they are caught they are often not kids; they are resentful adults who will never own property and illustrate (literally) their resentment by defacing other people's. Brighton Council launched a graffiti strategy a few years ago but it was completely ineffectual and...
  14. faoileán

    [Albion] Held back after the game

    Agreed; I will happily sing taking the p1ss songs at Palace but I certainly wouldn't "fight for ever more because of Boxing Day". I flippin' hate that daft song...
  15. faoileán

    [Albion] Pre-match light show tonight

    Nice for the kids (the Holmesdale Fanatics that is)
  16. faoileán

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Crystal Palace *** Official Match Thread ***

    I am quaking in my boots at the thought of those 20 black clad south London 16 year old ultras laying waste to our city today. Terrifying :eek:
  17. faoileán

    [Albion] Homophobic Chanting

    I'm just surprised that anyone on here is surprised; every time I've been anywhere near Leeds' fans it's like entering a time-warp back to 1978. I had to laugh a few years ago at The AMEX when about 30 of them were at the top of the steps to the coach park screaming "COME ON THEN, LET'S 'AVE...
  18. faoileán

    [Albion] If we ever get safe standing at The Amex...

    Hahahahaha! So in your world Peter it's a disgrace not to love Her Maj and football fans should only express non-controversial opinions in song such as "we'll all be having a party when Wilfred Zaha dies" (a favourite ditty with some Brighton fans). Anyway, the point of the OP was that the...
  19. faoileán

    [Albion] If we ever get safe standing at The Amex...

    Thank you for your 29th but very valuable contribution Wallace; I've been told that you only change your pants once a week and that girls won't sit next to you...
  20. faoileán

    [Albion] If we ever get safe standing at The Amex...

    You are missing the point. At the moment those who want to stand and sing are distributed across the the NS in clusters with clumps of mutes in between. If we had a proper safe standing block you would have to apply to be in there on the basis that you were going to cause a racket and not just...