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  1. mikeyjh

    [Football] Gary Lineker to step back from presenting MOTD

    I don't believe that you are that slow to think that Lineker is referring to a specific quote but if you are, here's some to ponder. Suella Braverman - "It would “betray” British voters not to tackle the “waves of illegal migrants breaching our border” Suella Braverman - “There are 100 million...
  2. mikeyjh

    [Football] Gary Lineker to step back from presenting MOTD

    In fairness to the hard of thinking, that's the language (yep, 1930s style language) that's being constantly, consistently and intentionally incorrectly used to describe these immigrants and the methods they are using. Thinking about it, I'm now hoping that Perry Groves posts on TikTok that all...
  3. mikeyjh

    [Music] Popmaster

    Nailed on cheat on ten to the top this morning!
  4. mikeyjh

    [Football] Government plans to regulate football

    In terms of the ESL, definitely - That'll happen, it's a matter of when, not if. Perhaps then the rest of football will become more sustainable? A repetition of the collapse of Bury and Macclesfield may be avoided somewhat by redistribution of money but it would also help if the arms race that...
  5. mikeyjh

    [Finance] Price Increases

    BT with their annual RPI +3.9% - That these contractual stipulations are allowed is an absolute disgrace. Of course, it's the nurses, the train drives and the Amazon warehouse workers that are driving up inflation with their ridiculous wage claims.....
  6. mikeyjh

    [Misc] Power of Attorney Question

    Easily done yourself but make sure you get certified copies, you will need them....
  7. mikeyjh

    [Misc] The Official NSC Bird Spotting Thread.

    Quite the spectacle! Very likely to have been a Buzzard - Just part of the circle of life, Buzzards are very common these days....
  8. mikeyjh

    [Politics] Nicola Sturgeon resigning

    Quite - And one with some honour - Take note Johnson, Truss et al.
  9. mikeyjh

    [Misc] The Official NSC Bird Spotting Thread.

    You need to be a little sceptical of taking these identifications as gospel - We're using the underlying AI on a little project in Mid/North Wales where, so far (over the last few months), we're analysed about 300,000 recordings using this software and the results can be a little off. The...
  10. mikeyjh

    [Technology] Anyone else playing Wordle?

  11. mikeyjh

    [TV] Fawlty Towers reboot.

    These days, if you say you're English, you'll be attested and thrown in jail....
  12. mikeyjh

    [Misc] Speed awareness course

    Soo many people don't seem to get that if you're in a lower gear, you'll naturally go slower. 20mph zones are being introduced all across Wales, so many Facebook etc messages bemoaning it, telling us how it's actually quite hard and distracting to drive at 20 - Nope, not if you're in the right...
  13. mikeyjh

    [Albion] FA Cup fifth round - who do you want?

    I think you're missing the point a bit - or maybe I am - I suspect Stoke have played you relatively recently and teams in the championship etc are only going to get properly excited playing one of the 'big' 6/7. I'm about to watch us play West Ham, it will be far from full despite us averaging...
  14. mikeyjh

    How much debt you in ?

    Blimey, that's pretty much me, kudos to you!
  15. mikeyjh

    How much debt you in ?

    Similar - I was a few years ahead of you but it's not a competition eh :) But yeah, that's pretty much what we did, obsessed about getting the mortgage done, made sure we have investments in place and here we are. Finished 3 years ago at 47, now spend time doing fun volunteering, projects on our...
  16. mikeyjh

    How much debt you in ?

    I did, it's horrible. It's odd, I never had 'expensive' tastes, I was just living beyond my means. My saviour was my salary going up and my spending habits not really changing. I do worry when I see kids and teenagers today getting, almost literally, everything they desire, holidays of their...
  17. mikeyjh

    How much debt you in ?

    Definitely - I would add that the latter would describe those most in need, those that are in debt because they're trying to feed their family and heat their homes. This will be the vast majority you speak of. At the other extreme, there's middle class debt, those that want their shiny new...
  18. mikeyjh

    How much debt you in ?

    So £475,000 then.
  19. mikeyjh

    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    Shamelessly stolen from Twitter but.... "Boris Johnson wouldn't need to borrow £800,000 if he cooked from scratch and cancelled Netflix"
  20. mikeyjh

    [Albion] We are now one of the most popular Premier League teams

    I've always found it slightly odd that people need their club to be liked (not something I've had to think about too much last few years!), just enjoy the ride and f*** what anyone else thinks.