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    [Albion] FA Cup SF

    As the tickets will be on sale in the next 14 days I would imagine- is sale date, not match date. I bought mine a month ago and stopped me buying tickets in the first 2 weeks. ( it says this when you are buying one )
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    [Albion] FA Cup SF

    My members + isn’t active for first 14 days, so anyone buying one tonight purely for the semi final is probably wasting their time and money.
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    [Football] Wembley, Wembley

    Please don’t draw City
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    [Albion] Australia Vs Equador double header in AUSTRALIA! Days before Brentford game.

    Japan play 2 games too ! Tuesday 28th the last one , so a jet lagged Mitoma also
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    [Albion] Pre-Palace nerves

    Will be a repeat of Fulham home game, 11 behind the ball , time wasting and generally trying for a nil nil .
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    [Albion] FA Cup quarter final v Grimsby Sun 19th March 2.15

    Will it be on BBC1 in a week, with or without commentary and pundits though ?
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    [Football] Gary Lineker to step back from presenting MOTD

    I’ve not read 63 pages , but just had a thought that next weekend FA cup tie on BBC1 could be in danger of being not shown if this isn’t resolved by Friday. Man City on BBC on Saturday too.
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    [Football] Gary Lineker to step back from presenting MOTD

    I’m sure most companies have social media policies and other HR policies and if you break them, you expect consequences. Mine does and forms part of your annual recertification of contract. So if the BBC have this policy for employment, then why does he expect no sanctions for breaking the rules ?
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    [Albion] Stoke City vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Home to Blackburn or Saints/Grimsby would be ideal
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    [Albion] Stoke City vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    All far too casual, no urgency to get a 2nd
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    [Football] The Official Match day Thread: Newcastle Vs Man United

    A bit like the lower East stand after 85 minutes 😉
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    [Albion] Premier League 15/2/23

    So a goalkeeper can’t run out towards the defender anymore and stand still in front of him ? Madness
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    [Albion] Crystal Palace vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Sanchez is not a top goalkeeper , flaps constantly at crosses
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    [Football] Fulham Sold Out

    single seat? That was all there was left last Friday and Saturday AM, 20 odd single seats. I was after a pair together
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    [Football] Fulham Sold Out

    West Ham sold out too, apart from a few disabled seats left. looking at the highlights of the Bmth game again, there are loads of empty seats. On Saturday morning though, there were less than 20 on the exchange left. I wish everyone would use it, who were not going to the game, they must know...
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    [Albion] Team for Bournemouth

    Really ? Only the last 5 posts in a row say that, but someone else will put him in the team shortly.
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    [Albion] FA Cup fifth round - who do you want?

    Every single one! Who visits Stoke midweek in February
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    [Albion] FA Cup fifth round - who do you want?

    For those unaware, the 5th round is on Wednesday 1 March. Not sure if every game if every game is then or some on Tuesday. Tv games on 1 or 2 nights only too. So long distance away game even worse.
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    [Albion] Mercurial, majestic, magnificent Mitoma

    Needs a new long term contract urgently