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  1. Swansman

    [Football] Aimer Sher

    He has something international about his play generally, not just the odd skill, that you rarely see in Sweden (and other bad leagues). Extra plus is that every team in Sweden tries to play Potterball nowadays, GP had the same effect on football here as Bob Houghton & Roy Hodgson had in the...
  2. Swansman

    [Football] Aimer Sher

    He is 17. At that age Zlatan had not even made the Malmö squad yet. Ljungberg got a few sub appearances in Halmstad. Larsson was a fruit packer playing in the third division. They turned out quite good in the end.
  3. Swansman

    [Football] Aimer Sher

    Not a very good season for them, no. Its a club with absolutely zero culture of winning and very dependent on fan support - no wonder they've had a poor season. How did your old man find them? Sher is very talented and technical and got a good attitude but has a long way to go when it comes to...