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  1. Timbo

    [Sussex] Albanian narco gangs.

    I went to Albania last year, lovely friendly country. Interesting talking to my American hotel owner who claims the place is virtually crime free. There’s not a huge amount of money there and the punishments are severe, all the hardcore criminals are over here where there’s more money to be made...
  2. Timbo

    [Albion] Premier League 11-12/3/23

    Palace now just 3 points off the bottom 3 and 5 from last place.
  3. Timbo

    [Albion] FA Cup quarter final v Grimsby Sun 19th March 2.15

    A friend was playing for Woking last season and we went along to watch them play Grimsby. Their fans (a couple of thousand) looked like they were having the time of their lives! As I’d said before, when I lived in GY I used to get along and watch them a fair bit. Went to Birmingham one evening...
  4. Timbo

    [Football] You should be targetting top 4 this season, minimum.

    4th is a bit over ambitious, I’m going for 6th. Current top 4 plus Liverpool will finish above us. Newcastle will drop off and I’m fairly confident of reeling them in. Then just got to rely on Brentford’s squad being too small, Fulham finding it all a bit much and Chelsea not sacking Potter.
  5. Timbo

    [Albion] Trains. After the match. (Again)

    For once Southern did alright on the way home yesterday. Back in Brighton and no trains to Hassocks for a hour and a half, got on a train randomly destined for Finsbury Park which stopped at Burgess Hill and they decided to stop it at all stations. So many times when there’s issues you can stand...
  6. Timbo

    [Albion] Seagulls V Mariners - Memories

    Spent a while living there and thoroughly enjoyed going to Blundell Park including watching them get a last minute winner against Palace. Only time I’ve seen us there was the 2-2 relegation game.
  7. Timbo

    [Albion] When was the last time a team quite so obviously gave up...

    That was quite remarkable. Not even sure what two players it was but there was a mass exodus from the away end when that happened. I think I’d have been the same.
  8. Timbo

    [Albion] Bournemouth, Spurs & Chelsea away tickets

    Logged in for Spurs ticket at 8.55 and there was only a handful left which was annoying, if it’s going to be 9 o clock, make it 9 o clock! Anyway after plenty of refreshing and being unable to buy tickets that were in my basket I finally got two together at about 5 past, right near the front...
  9. Timbo

    [Football] The Official Match day Thread: Newcastle Vs Man United

    Newcastle will get absolutely smashed today and I can’t say I won’t find it very funny.
  10. Timbo

    [Albion] Albion to launch matchday travel scheme review

    You’ll never show a ticket at either Brighton or Falmer stations on a matchday, just like you never do when there’s a cup game currently so even if it’s scrapped you’ll never have a reason to buy one for the last leg. As someone else has already said, I’d imagine it’ll get scaled back to Lewes...
  11. Timbo

    [Albion] New and improved WiFi at amex

    If that’s the one where you enter name, email and dob then yes
  12. Timbo

    [Albion] New and improved WiFi at amex

    Old thread but I’ll stick this in here! Does anyone know why I can’t get betting websites over the stadium WiFi now? Always nice to check on your bets at half time but haven’t been able to for the last few weeks. Is it a general thing or do I need to change some settings?
  13. Timbo

    [Albion] Pitchside and Extended De Zerbi cam

    Not many players have ever looked as consistently happy as Julio Enciso. I bet he’s a nightmare if you’re not in the mood!
  14. Timbo

    [Football] Do All Those ‘BRIGHTON’ Fans on Here With a ‘Soft Spot’ for Arsenal Still Want Them to Win the Title?

    The best thing about whoever wins the league, you can ignore them and have a good laugh at fans of the 'other 6'. Having said that, if Arsenal get it wrong from here it would be the funniest moment in many years. Especially for their army of Twitter fans that couldn't find their way to The...
  15. Timbo

    [Sussex] Hastings fire

    Dreadful dreadful club. Once went there on 10p a pint night. Carling and nothing else and it was so cold it was honestly undrinkable. It had nothing on The Crypt.
  16. Timbo

    [Albion] Cor Blimey Governor!

    A bit emotional today! trying to read and watch everything about yesterday and still can’t really believe what’s happening. First game was in 82 and since we have been in the PL I’ve always convinced myself that the best years were spent in the lower leagues. What was the point in being in the...
  17. Timbo

    [Albion] Palace away tickets

    Keep checking back, they’ll keep popping up.
  18. Timbo

    [Albion] Palace away tickets

    I’m not sure there’s a seat in there that isn’t restricted view. From experience, as long as you’ve got a ticket the seats are a free for all.
  19. Timbo

    [Albion] Palace away tickets

    Sorted, will all be gone in about 5 minutes I’m guessing.