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    [TV] US Comedy Cup 24 - Group C

    Flight of the Conchords SURELY
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    [TV] US Comedy Cup 24 - Group A

    Tough tough group to see. Love all of these
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    [Albion] Sheffield United vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Two hands on the back is surely a pen.... I have no idea anymore
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    [Albion] Sheffield United vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Ball hit the roof of the net so obvs went in, but the ref didn't give it.... I think.... Then he did after a while lol
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    'Obscure" US TV choices - recommendations please

    I'm also gonna go with a weird series, on Channel 5 / Paramount called "La Brea" . That's why I think it's obscure. Because channel 5. Earthquake causes a huge rift, people who fall through end up in the same place but back in time before colonisation etc. Then they are trying to work out how...
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    'Obscure" US TV choices - recommendations please

    It's one of those series which is annoyingly renewed one year at a time. I reckon if they just said "right you've got season 3 and 4 and that's it no mater what the ratings are" they'd make a solid effort at all the payoffs. Now they just have S3 so no doubt there will be a cliffhanger of sorts...
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    'Obscure" US TV choices - recommendations please

    "From" is very good. On Sky SciFi. It's about a family who get lost and end up at a strange town, where none of the resident's there can escape. The town is full of mysteries, back stories, and strange creatures that only emerge at night..... Starting Harold Perrineau as the lead character...
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    [Food] Chocolate bars in WSL

    I'm shocked..... I f***ing love wine gums. They can take them but they cannot take my freedom Also they need to bring back the bon bons
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    [Technology] Ethernet over electrical circuit

    I think it depends massively. So I had these, Internet at the hub was 400mbps but up one floor it dropped to about 25mbps But that could have been from the installation, so my fault and not a problem of the idea. In hindsight the actual WiFi is better with a booster (Vodafone) getting 400-odd...
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    [Albion] Do you want Palace to go down?

    We didn't on sat. We f***ed them up
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    [Albion] Say something nice about Palace

    They are a solid lower mid table PL team tbf
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    [Albion] Do you buy a match day programme ?

    I've never know if they are free to take or not - given the state of them I'd hope they're free but don't want to risk being called a theif haha. Bovril flavoured programmes though nom nom nom.
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    [Albion] Do you buy a match day programme ?

    I voted no, but the correct answer is sometimes. I got the Europa league ones online after the game. Never read them but just got them as not sure when we'll ever have a European season again. Also got the first PL one, and the Bruno retirement one
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    [Albion] Palace Fans Biggest Fear

    Has anyone else watched the highlights about 20 times? And specifically paid attention to the Welbz assist!!??? I hope he never retires. Given all the injuries he probably has the energy of a 26 year old
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    [Football] What football boots did you have as a kid?

    I had bright red Puma kings Then had silver mercurials when I played for Varndean college (the cheap £30 Nike version, not the full price £120ish mercurial vapours). Think the price diff was because they were heavier. I didn't mind because I never had pace anyway. I really miss those bad boys...
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    [Albion] Garth Crooks (made-up) Team of the Week 2023/24

    Is Garth even on TV anymore? Is his literal job just picking 10 goalscorers and a goalkeeper once a week? Haven't seen him on TV for ages. He used to at least be on match of the day 1 or 2 didn't he?
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    [Albion] TV dates for March

    The man City game they've said is dependent on us playing in the 5th round of the cup. They defo mean 6th round. Spent a while trying to work that one out in the diary
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    [Albion] Remember when Tariq Lamptey was our next £50 million player?

    I was being an idiot. I am an idiot. Didn't realise he'd played football before
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    [TV] US Comedy Cup 2024 - NOMINATIONS THREAD

    Always Sunny Archer South park Mythic Quest
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    [Help] English Football Books

    Might wanna add some foreign books too. The life story of Robert Enke was emotional (A life too short). Good luck bud x
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