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  1. Ozymandias86

    [Albion] So who is the secret singing…?

    No thank you whatsoever
  2. Ozymandias86

    [Other Sport] NSC 6 Nations 2024 Competition

    France by 7 England by 15 Scotland by 3
  3. Ozymandias86

    [Albion] Sima

    I see Fabio Silva has joined the Gers on loan for the rest of the season - maybe a return in the offing for Sima?
  4. Ozymandias86

    [Albion] Martin Braithwaite again?

    Contract terminated at Barca… :rolleyes:
  5. Ozymandias86

    Richard keys

    Hairy hands 😂
  6. Ozymandias86

    [Football] Bissouma

    Also, Gerrard set up Villa to squash him - thought they did a number on us in terms of pressing and removing the link between defence and midfield in general
  7. Ozymandias86

    [Football] Bissouma

    Player has a couple of games off form (as part of a team that’s universally struggling for form) - NSC: BURN HIM! Jokes aside, something’s clearly not quite working for Biss at the moment - as others have said, many potential reasons for that - court case, big money interest, maybe even the...
  8. Ozymandias86

    [Misc] Crystal Palace Half Marathon

    Done - best of luck to them!
  9. Ozymandias86

    [Albion] Why no kettling ?

    Yep, this was embarrassing - the well ‘ard brigade. I filtered off (as trying to get back to Forest Hill) and actually ended up the Palace side of things at the crossroads by Norwood J, which was equally full of muppets in snoods and hoodies mainly causing aggro to police horses…
  10. Ozymandias86

    [Football] Brentford Stadium

    Incidentally, is the no beer for away fans thing an every game thing at the new stadium? I guess so but did wonder if it was a consequence of the Benham/Bloom bad blood… Edit: clearly not just us -...
  11. Ozymandias86

    [Other Sport] WHC CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS: Semi Final 1

    Seeing this on Twitter reminded me of the travesty committed against the HB 1421691929251782658
  12. Ozymandias86

    [News] Britain's Best Breakfast - Teenage Brighton Fan cycling for charity

    Here’s the link if anyone needs it - the club have tweeted it, which is quality :albion2: Hope the cycle’s going well - I’ve suddenly got a hunger for a full English!
  13. Ozymandias86

    [News] Britain's Best Breakfast - Teenage Brighton Fan cycling for charity

    More (pedal) power to you, Jeremy - good luck - a brilliant thing to be doing
  14. Ozymandias86

    [Other Sport] Running trainers

    Brooks for me - the Ghost is a brilliant everyday running shoe. When you add in Brooks’ 90 day no obligation trial, then it makes their stuff a no brainer for me - especially at the moment when, as others have said, you can’t get a gait analysis in person. FWIW I think Brooks has (no doubt other...
  15. Ozymandias86

    [Football] Millwall fans covering themselves in glory again

    Sad to see today - as others have said, imagine waiting 9 months to get back to watch your team and 15 seconds of players kneeling to highlight a fundamental inequality in society has you frothing at the mouth... Totally agree with HWT - too many conflating BLM itself with highlighting endemic...
  16. Ozymandias86

    [Albion] Martin Keown!

    Dermot Gallagher calling what was patently obvious to anyone other than Keown and myopic Villa fans yesterday INCIDENT: Michael Oliver awards Aston Villa a dramatic penalty after Trezeguet appears to be tripped in the box by Brighton's Solly March. But, after consulting VAR and the pitchside...
  17. Ozymandias86

    [Albion] Aston Villa vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

  18. Ozymandias86

    [Film] Pepe The Frog - Storyville

    Watched earlier - agree entirely - fascinating is the word
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