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    [Albion] Premier League game Manchester City home game Sunday 17th March postponed

    I imagine this will be played around April 23/24
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    [Football] FA CUP 5th round 2024

    This ref…my god. So biased
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    [Albion] April TV Picks

    These will be released this week, but I have heard that Arsenal at home will be on Saturday 6th at 17:30.
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    [Albion] How are you getting to Rome?

    It’s the early kick off. 6:45 local time
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    [Travel] Rome - where are you staying

    Just behind Vatican. Not too far from ground.
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    [Albion] How are you getting to Rome?

    Im on the exact same flights. Paid £10 yesterday to reserve that price.
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    [Albion] Premier League 17-21/2/24

    Reminds me of last season when Everton were terrible and we were flying. Let’s hope for a different result on Saturday
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    [Palace] #cpfc

    Roy has left the club apparently
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    [TV] The Apprentice 2024

    These tasks are ridiculous. Im sure games companies spend years developing online games. Something put together in a day is of course going to look abs shit.
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    [Albion] Fulham (A) tickets

    That was easier than I was expecting
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    [Albion] TV dates for March

    Obviously waiting to see what happens in Cup this weekend as things will be a lot clearer after that.
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    [Other Sport] Aussie Open (Tennis)

    Shelby Rogers has not played since June and had lost her last 5 matches before that. Emma will win.
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    [Albion] FA cup 4th round, Sheffield united

    11.45 on a Sunday morning for one of the picks!
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    [Albion] FA Cup v Stoke early thoughts

    I imagine Dunk plays now - otherwise he wont play for 3 weeks.
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    [Albion] bt broadband question

    I left BT but kept the youview box. Still got it and still using it.
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    [News] Brianna Ghey murder.

    I’m not sure you could have got any more facts wrong here if you tried! Thats if it’s Gary Numan you are talking about?
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    [Other Sport] BBC Sports Personality 2023

    Earps probably the one who has achieved the least..BBC will love It
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