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    [Cricket] Sussex CCC - 2024 edition

    Will return to watching when start playing 4 day cricket in the summer.
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    [Football] German League

    Yes sorry Liepzig. Dont clubs have to be 51% owned by supprters
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    [Football] German League

    Can you explain Red Bulls involement with Stuttgart. I assume with whats going on now they dont own the club
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    [Football] German League

    Agree On several yearly visits to friends and relatives always try and take in a game. Some good stadiums and in so many ways has a much better feel about it than PL Just seems more about closeness of fans to club than about what wealthy person or country owns it.
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    [Other Sport] Snooker…. “Golden Ball”

    Money Nothing wrong with game now.
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    [Albion] Evan Ferguson

    Of course has plenty of promise. However at the moment Undavs movement in box and taking of chances would be better
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    [Football] New European Format

    There was talk of some big clubs qualifying for CL through past European results rather than present league placing. Is this still happening.
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    [Football] New European Format

    All about making more money
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    [Albion] De Zerbi: 'We deserved to lose...I understood the problem in January!"

    Assume DeZerbi agreed to loan out of Undav without Jan return option and even more strange why let Dahoud out when he new Bloom would not agree to further players
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    [Albion] Premier League 2-4/3/24

    Did we get a pay out like we did the 2 that went to Chelsea
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    [Albion] And now, over to the women... 17:30

    With just one relegated a great win. However that was a realy terrible advert for womens football. Time and time again both sides lost the ball because first touch was so bad.
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    [Albion] De Zerbi: 'We deserved to lose...I understood the problem in January!"

    For an interview just after a defeat thought his interview was very good. I thought defeat was down to crap defending and players out of position but in hope of raising levels for next game Dezerbi was putting over that energy levels were down and this must be increased in training and next...
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    [Football] Roberto vs Marco

    Sit back ,let Brighton have possesion and throw players forward. There will be many chances to take advantage to play long balls when they only have onlya few defenders.
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    [Albion] Fulham vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Hopefully last time we play 3 at back
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    [Albion] Team for Fulham 2/3/24

    afrter DeZerbi saying Dunk cant play 3 games in a week assume he will be out
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    [Albion] I think he's leaving this summer...

    First of all how good to hear a reporter asking decent questions rather than who he had dinner with etc. Of course always a chance he may go but really dont know how else he was expected to answer the question. Will all depend on who if any come in for him. But maybe more important his...
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    [Football] Union Saint-Gilloise

    At least we are only playing for 3rd place in our play offs
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    [Albion] Our Players Diving !

    FB has 5/6 bookings which is mad for that type of player. Very annoying for spectators to see a player play dead and than jump up when ref has taken no notice.
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    [Albion] Roma tickets - number remaining tier to tier

    In that case with 290 plus points you deserve a ticket. Certainly in front of our group who a;though ST holders only have just over 200
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    [Albion] Albion u21 v Liverpool u21

    yes defended and chased back well but in attack !
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