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    [Albion] guess who on sunday

    Am I a bad STH for deciding not to do the drive from Dorchester to the Amex on Sunday, preferring to watch Liverpool v City on Sky ?
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    [Football] If RDZ leaves us/is sacked at the end of the season....

    I read today that Barcelona, who have shown an interest in RDZ, are reluctant to pay the 12.5m euro release clause.
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    [Albion] De Zerbi: 'We deserved to lose...I understood the problem in January!"

    For what it's worth, my gripe about the January window, is that we signed two promising youngsters, one played for Argentina to qualify for the Olympics, the other, the Ghanain winger (who's name I can't remember!) we loaned back to his current club, with what happened to Mitoma, what an...
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    [Football] Handbags at Forest v Liverpool

    Absolutely not ! Do you really give a f*** ? Back in the days before social media, no one gave a s*** !
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    [Football] Handbags at Forest v Liverpool

    You're having a giraffe, yes ?
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    [Football] Handbags at Forest v Liverpool

    I read today that Clattenburg is the Forest "referee analyst"............what next ? Watch out for him at the Amex next Sunday !
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    [Albion] Ansu Fati **Signed On Loan 01/09**

    Think you'll find we paid a sizeable loan fee and a percentage of his six figure wages !
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    [Albion] Barco criticism from Argentina

    Um, do you remember a little ginger haired player called Alan Ball ? I rest my case !
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    [Albion] Igor’s substitution

    Cynical !
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    [Albion] Igor’s substitution

    Would you have wound him up ??
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    [Football] That 30 second injury rule

    Sorry you used two words that are not in the official's dictate.......I'll let you guess them !
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    [Albion] Igor’s substitution

    Thought overall the ref was crap..............why Tarkowski didn't get a second yellow for upending Welbeck mystified me, instead he showed one to RDZ.........think the game has gone to pot !
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    [Albion] Was it a red?

    "Brutality" ? What planet are these law makers on ?
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    [Albion] So who is the secret singing…?

    I know it might be a conspiracy theory, but is it possible that Dyche was instrumental in Holgate being sent off, to help his parent club ?
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    [Albion] Liam Rosenior - Next Brighton manager?

    Keep taking the medication !
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    [Albion] Rob Edwards

    No way, hates us !
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    [Albion] Pascal Groß the raumdeuter

    what a great bit of business it's turned out to be. offloading Cacicedo !
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    [Albion] Des Lynam on radio 5 at 11.00 this morning

    Would that be the same patronising (to female contestants) Colin Murray who presents Countdown ?
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