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  1. BigBod

    [Albion] Roma tickets - number remaining tier to tier

    52 available now...
  2. BigBod

    [Humour] The Official Dad's (of toddlers) thread

    Me and the Mrs left it later in life, she was 40 and I was 42 when we had our little girl. Littleun is 17 now and it has been a fantastic 17 years, loved it and still loving it. She has had to fit in with our way of life though, went to her first motorbike rally at 6 months old in the sidecar...
  3. BigBod

    [News] Should we Bring Back National Service?

    It's an absolute NO from me. I've served and I can't imagine serving with someone who doesn't want to be there. There is something very special about serving and the camaraderie that exists with your oppo's is very special, I don't believe you would get that with someone who has been pressganged.
  4. BigBod

    [Albion] Brighton v Roma

    Pre-Registration is now open on the website...
  5. BigBod

    [Football] The Demise of The Ticket Stub

    I've got hundreds of football tickets from games I've been to. It's a bit sad but inevitable that we are going digital...end of an era...
  6. BigBod

    [Albion] Positives from today

    A big positive for me, being a fat bloke, was getting through them turnstiles....How tight!!! or is that because I'm a fat bloke...
  7. BigBod

    [Albion] Wolves FAC5 tickets

    Must want me bumps feeling....Half day booked off work and tickets purchased....
  8. BigBod

    [Albion] Parking at away matches

    Me n my mate still do that now, plumb in the post code of the ground, once we can see the stadium we start looking for somewhere to park. Never failed yet! easier up norf, usually an industrial estate close by with parking....
  9. BigBod

    [Travel] Boxing Day Parking London

    I use Morden a lot to park and tube it into town, did it yesterday for the Arsenal game. Morden is in the ULEZ now BTW...
  10. BigBod

    [Albion] Post win music?

    Sweet Caroline..... I'll get me coat....:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  11. BigBod

    [Albion] How many saw Jack Hinshelwood's first Albion goal?

    I ummed and arred all day about going, shall I shan't I. Checked the weather forecast at 5pm, dry, that'll do, I'll go on the motorbike. Set off at 6 from Rustington, started raining in Worthing, nearly turned round and went home...cracked on and got to the ground at 7pm...roads were very busy...
  12. BigBod

    [Albion] Food waste at the Amex

    Ran out of cheese burgers last night so I opted for a plain one, took one bite and binned it, it was awful....Don't usually eat at the ground be went straight from work....won't be rushing to eat there again.
  13. BigBod

    [Food] You go into a newsagent to buy...

    Yesterday I bought Jacobs crinkle cut cheese and onion cheddars, loads in a bag. Raisin & Biscuit Yorkie (Not for girls) and a pint of milk.....
  14. BigBod

    [Misc] Festival Of Remembrance

    :oops::oops: Now edited... lol...I had just been talking to the postman about Brentford beating West Ham...he is a West ham fan...must of stuck in my mind...
  15. BigBod

    [Misc] Festival Of Remembrance

    Only ever been once, would love to go again one year. Very emotional. I will be marching in London on Sunday with the Falklands Vets so missing the Sheffield United game...
  16. BigBod

    [Misc] Mundane celebrity encounters

    The shipping company I was using at the time had hospitality tickets at quite a few grounds. I got treated to hospitality at Charlton and sat next to Jimmy Hill for the game..what a nice fella....
  17. BigBod

    [NSC] Charity,do you give? I take part in the Veterans Raffle every month, only a small charity, top prize 25k. Cost me a tenner a month. Half goes to the prize fund and the other half goes to the local Veterans Breakfast Club in Littlehampton... you can choose where the charitable half goes...
  18. BigBod

    [Football] Eden Hazard retires, aged 32

    He's never been the same since he left Chelsea.. Great player.
  19. BigBod


  20. BigBod

    [Albion] Mill Hill P&R on Saturday

    There was a car on the inside lane broken down with a blow out before the game....traffic was backed up quite a way in a very short space of time... I filtered all the way down on my bike....
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