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  1. Perry's Tracksuit Bottoms

    [Albion] Garth Crooks (made-up) Team of the Week 2023/24

    Or he earns less than £178,000, which I suspect is much more likely.
  2. Perry's Tracksuit Bottoms

    [Misc] Valentine's Day

    My ex-wife and I were living in different cities for our second valentine's day together, and she went mental because the card I'd carefully selected (and sent on time) got delayed in the post. I still look back on this as the moment I should have got out, instead of hanging around for another...
  3. Perry's Tracksuit Bottoms

    [Football] African Cup of Nations, Final

    Also on BBC3 via iPlayer
  4. Perry's Tracksuit Bottoms

    [News] Perhaps another contentious RIP thread but Albion related.

    Geoff Clark is someone much of the NSC community will be aware of, not just any old celebrity. I wonder if the mods could amend the thread title to reflect this. RIP Geoff.
  5. Perry's Tracksuit Bottoms

    [Albion] MyAlbion+ members survey

    On a scale of 1-10, as a member how would you rank the importance of the following factors below? (1 as least important, 5 as most important). Is this a trick question?
  6. Perry's Tracksuit Bottoms

    [Albion] Dahoud "In the end it just didn't work out"

    He was born to do it, but he ended up walking away.
  7. Perry's Tracksuit Bottoms

    [Albion] Luton Town vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Rumour has it this will be our next signing
  8. Perry's Tracksuit Bottoms

    [Albion] Would you accept a draw tonight if it meant a win on Saturday against THEM?

    I don't know what's wrong with you lot. We're going to beat Palace 10-0 and finally put an end to the career of everyone's favourite cuddly apartheid-boycott-breaking grandad.
  9. Perry's Tracksuit Bottoms

    [Albion] Kamari Doyle

    Well that finally answers the "I don't know where that's come from" question in this article
  10. Perry's Tracksuit Bottoms

    [Albion] Kamari Doyle

    Is this the same Russell 'footballing reasons' Martin who called Alex Pritchard to tell him Norwich wanted to give him more money than Brighton?
  11. Perry's Tracksuit Bottoms

    [Albion] Signed Albion Shirt from what era?

    David Cameron only played for us 1999-2000, so this is the squad:
  12. Perry's Tracksuit Bottoms

    [Albion] Brighton: Stand or fall. Release date??

    **uses search facility** Hmmm, I even read that thread at the time. As you were.
  13. Perry's Tracksuit Bottoms

    [Albion] Brighton: Stand or fall. Release date??

    I'm not sure I believe the film even exists. None of the people on this thread who were off to the screening have returned to comment. @chaileyjem @Lenny Rider have you signed NDAs? Was it really that bad?
  14. Perry's Tracksuit Bottoms

    [Albion] Who was our most promising youngster ever, pre-Amex era?

    Yeah but he did once stand on Brighton beach with a seagull on his head.
  15. Perry's Tracksuit Bottoms

    [Help] Time for a new competition

    I voted 'other' because I'm really invested in this competition and I really want 'other' to win.
  16. Perry's Tracksuit Bottoms

    [Football] Guess the abandoned ground

    Peel Park, Accrington And unlike most abandoned grounds, you can still play football on that pitch today
  17. Perry's Tracksuit Bottoms

    [Football] Crystal Palace Monopoly

    If you're about to lose, you can start again as a totally new player. And then later, if you're about to lose, you can start again as a totally new player. And then you can pretend you're the oldest player in the game.
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