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  1. Bob!

    [Albion] Astrid, u ok hun x

    Just Google it incognito mode
  2. Bob!

    [Misc] Can anyone on here speak Latin ?

    All I remember is: Amo, Amas, Amat Amamus, Amatus, Amant
  3. Bob!

    [Albion] Fulham vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Fati and Adingra warming up on the pitch
  4. Bob!

    [Albion] New proposed fan zone

    Planning Committee meeting at 2pm on March 6th
  5. Bob!

    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    Needs to be looking in his own party for those Islamaphobes
  6. Bob!

    [Albion] Brentford Away

    Edit: Tickets now on sale Tuesday 12th March, (not 5th)
  7. Bob!

    [Albion] Valentín Barco **Signed 20/01/24**

    January, February and March. I make that 3 months without a goal or assist!
  8. Bob!

    [Albion] Fulham team news

  9. Bob!

    [Albion] Roma tickets - number remaining tier to tier

    It will remain at M+123
  10. Bob!

    [Albion] Apparently the FA Cup QF draw has happened

    Not at this rate
  11. Bob!

    [Albion] Are you going to Rome? + ticket allocation / purchase discussion!

    You are guaranteed a ticket, you have until 8.30am tomorrow morning to buy that ticket
  12. Bob!

    [Albion] Are you going to Rome? + ticket allocation / purchase discussion!

    Well, you have until 8.30 am tomorrow to buy yours. So keep an eye on sales, if it looks like it's getting tight buy yours. If there are loads still left then wait until 9 tomorrow
  13. Bob!

    [Football] FA CUP 5th round 2024

    The 18 hit the bar. Ayari is wearing 44
  14. Bob!

    [Football] FA CUP 5th round 2024

  15. Bob!

    [Albion] April TV Picks

  16. Bob!

    [Albion] Brighton v Roma

    I would hope T1 on sale at 9 tomorrow, T2 at 2pm, T3 if needed at 9 Wednesday..,.
  17. Bob!

    [Albion] Pascal Gross midfield partner

  18. Bob!

    [Albion] 300 and 17. Significance?

    300th PL game, 17th sending off?
  19. Bob!

    [Albion] Premier League 24-26/2/24

    Only if The League Cup Winner AND The FA Cup Winner finish in the European places.
  20. Bob!

    [Football] EFL Cup Final - The Thread

    If Liverpool win 7th place only becomes a European spot if the FA Cup winner also finishes in Top 6.
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