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  1. Coldeanseagull

    [Albion] Portslade/Hove pubs for Roma

    Ah, right...probably why I missed the reference being ungay, not into leather....and don't go to bars....I'd not even heard of it, even from my west sussex associates who go to away games. I've led a very sheltered life since Police Academy was on at the Odeon :facepalm:
  2. Coldeanseagull

    [Albion] Portslade/Hove pubs for Roma

    I googled it, apparently a parrot is showing the game! :shrug:
  3. Coldeanseagull

    [Albion] Portslade/Hove pubs for Roma

    What the hell is that?
  4. Coldeanseagull

    [Football] If RDZ leaves us/is sacked at the end of the season.... in fred on ignore
  5. Coldeanseagull

    [Travel] Why British drive on left and Americans drive on right.

    Adjusted for clarity, as according to me and a few million other people throughout the commonwealth :thumbsup:
  6. Coldeanseagull

    [Albion] Positives from today

    I haven't read all this thread, because there are some right miserable scrotes when we lose....I wait until the following day or two, otherwise I'm one of them! A really big positive, we are STILL only five points from sixth place, I repeat, FIVE POINTS FROM SIXTH! Keep the faith
  7. Coldeanseagull

    [Albion] RDZ out

    There's a reason we banished you to the north :moo:
  8. Coldeanseagull

    [Albion] Fulham vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    How the hell is that moaning, fouling, rolling around with fake injuries, shower of shit 2 up?
  9. Coldeanseagull

    [Albion] Fulham vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    I quite like the line up, you have to rotate and this is as good a game as any. You might just see a different style of play a well...a few more long balls down the flanks and some more balls zipped into the box....yep, we're ok
  10. Coldeanseagull

    [Albion] Team for Fulham 2/3/24

    Same as this.....but with Pervis, Lallana, Steele instead of Barco, Enciso and pretty much spot on!
  11. Coldeanseagull

    [Misc] Should cars be taxed on weight as well as emissions?

    Heavily tax people who own an itty bitty car, or make them buy a proper one. Ban cyclists from the roads and DEFINITELY ban them from wearing lycra and ban the pair of old biddys round my way who walk in the road and not the fact, ban everyone who gets in my way when I'm trying to...
  12. Coldeanseagull

    [Food] Sugar substitutes for tea.

    Small amount of honey, it's what I've done with my coffee.
  13. Coldeanseagull

    [Misc] Varifocal glasses

    Can't see that happening
  14. Coldeanseagull

    [Albion] Sunderland U21 v Albion U21 7pm 01/03/24

    We're not playing very well, the pitch looks like it's cutting up and sunderland lads knocking the ball about very well....although they all seem very shot shy! I thought it was a trip before the goal, but hey ho Prefer to have commentary when they're that close to the dugouts, some one down...
  15. Coldeanseagull

    [Albion] We have been sussed

    I'll rewatch (when we next win!) then reword as necessary
  16. Coldeanseagull

    [Albion] We have been sussed

    Bart supporters always blame Jason for things. He was a bit flappy at it, but yeah, JPvH losing the ball didn't help much! It's the way we play, we'll concede annoying goals
  17. Coldeanseagull

    [Albion] I think he's leaving this summer...

    Brechin City?.........what have you heard? This'll be all over the social media sites within hours :moo:
  18. Coldeanseagull

    [Albion] Sunderland U21 v Albion U21 7pm 01/03/24

    As title, no idea yet about a stream
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