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    [Misc] Can anyone on here speak Latin ?

    Grade A A-Level and an S-Level for those old enough to remember those. Didn't speak it at home though
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    [Albion] Roma away. No flight? or no match ticket?

    I’m b) but Lufthansa says no to change of passenger
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    [Albion] Roma tickets - number remaining tier to tier

    Yeah, I called LH and they said no changes of passenger, but I can rebook flight dates As I’m flying via Frankfurt, I wonder what the chances of getting into Freiburg are?
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    [Albion] Roma tickets - number remaining tier to tier

    I can't see that option on the LH website and not finding any info on whether could call and do it :(
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    [Albion] Roma tickets - number remaining tier to tier

    No ticket here (MyA+), but had to take a punt to get Lufthansa flights Gatwick to Rome. At least I can get a (partial) refund on those and cancel hotel without charge
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    [Albion] Pascal Groß interview in Suddeutsche Zeitung

    Great article, thanks for the link
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    Sorry, missed that link. I would suggest that there is solid literature to the effect that diet can play an important role. However, there is a lack of consensus on exactly what diet :)
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    Er - that’s a blog article, not peer-reviewed scientific research. Hereditary factors play into pretty much any disease. Having said that, it’s a helpful article, just not exactly the consensus of research
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    I wouldn’t want to be argumentative, but do you have links to research on those two claims? I recently retired from a senior position with the world’s largest medical publisher and have had the opportunity to read large amounts of research on the subject (I’m on the research side, not clinical)
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    Drink as much water as you can. Avoid shellfish, smoked foods, red meat and red wine. See your doc and get yourself onto allopurinol (daily for the rest of, sadly) Edited to add - avoid stress, that really does trigger attacks
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    [Albion] Italian train strike [National Strike Fri. 8th March]

    Ah, gotcha. My Google-Fu is lacking :(
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    [Albion] Italian train strike [National Strike Fri. 8th March]

    This suggests a general strike including trains March 8 (link)
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    [Music] A thread full of iconic Italian music

    Antonello Venditi - Sotto la Pioggia (in the rain). I worked in Milan in '82 and this was on the radio all the time
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    [Albion] How are you getting to Rome?

    I had to rearrange something to know I could travel, and by that time all the direct flights were sold out or stupidly expensive. Will need to train from Milan/Florence or stop over en route (which to be fair is probably less messing around). I have a hold on flights with Lufthansa via...
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    [Football] Europa League Play offs - Second Leg

    Not a good evening for French teams so far…
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    [Help] Tag watch battery replacement

    So Tag Heuer rather than Tag? FWIW I paid £175 at Burrell’s in Tunbridge Wells. I think that was sent away to TH, it took a few days
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    What MAGAZINES do you subscribe to ?

    I stopped subscribing a year ago. It still downloads every night... Apart from that L'Equipe (I wish we had a proper sports daily in the UK) Sud-Ouest (regional paper with excellent sports coverage)
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    [Other Sport] Viva Las Vegas

    I used to go watch the Raiders (in preference to the 49ers) when I lived in the Bay Area. It was the only US sport where you got fans fighting in the beer queue - made it feel like home, and tailgating in the Coliseum car park was a blast
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    [Albion] Say something nice about Palace

    2 stations on different lines a short walk from Selhurst Park and the two major Croydon stations are also walkable. Plenty of free parking on residential roads within walking distance
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