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    [NSC] Become an NSC Supporter. If you want. It's entirely optional. No-one has to.

    'NSC Supporter', i.e. does what it says on the tin. Or nothing - although I understand that you do want to promote the scheme so that more of us can enjoy the incredible benefits.
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    [Albion] Positives from the Wolves FA Cup game

    I'm with you! I can understand these threads after league defeats, because as there's 38 of them you're never going to win them all and unexpected defeats can be balanced by unexpected victories. Try and find the positives and move on. But lose an FA Cup game and that's it, bang, you're dead...
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    [Politics] George Galloway MP

    I've been a fan of his in the past, but he is a bit of a political weirdo; he seems to inhabit some space beyond either Right or Left. And whilst that might be the case for a lot of people (those who are economically Left but culturally Right for example) he takes it to extremes. If I were a...
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    [Drinking] Did you know? - The Pub Debate

    You, sir, understand the proper nature of a pub debate! :lolol: (y)
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    [NSC] RIP Hitony

    Oh no. I never met him personally, but felt I 'knew' him because of his postings on here. Came over as a lovely guy, and I sure he'll be very sadly missed by all his friends and family. RIP :(
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    [Drinking] Did you know? - The Pub Debate

    Indeed. I can't see how it was a 'debate' as such, it's on a par with debating what day of the week it is. Anyway, if you take the Julian calendar, factor in the date of the Russian Orthodox Christmas, allow for Relativity when working out the earth's orbit, work out how many new moons there...
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    [Film] Westerns

    'Paint your Wagon'. Which also happens to be my favourite Clint Eastwood film.
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    [Football] Chelsea v Leeds - who do you want to win?

    Ha! Chelsea were very much my first team in 1970. I can still remember most of that team from the replay: Bonetti, Harris, McCreadie, Hollins, Webb, Baldwin, Cooke, Osgood, Hutchinson and Houseman. (That's 10, missed one out). I watched the game in the Empire club in Lancing which had a big...
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    [Football] Caicedo and MacAllister, How Well Have They Done Since They Left Us?

    £150k a week is a lot more than 7.8 mill over 8 years. indeed that's about 1 year: £150,000 * 52 = £7,800,000 £7,800,000 * 8 = £62,4000,000 So if he is on £150k p/w he'll earn nearly £62.5 million over the course of his contract.
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    [Football] The Non-League Football Thread- 2023/24 Edition

    Oh dear. Thanks for the update, I wasn't expecting anything but it does sound worse than I expected. BPA is not a happy ship at the moment. :(
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    [Albion] Welcome to new Roma NSCers...

    Who would win in a fight between a baboon and a badger?
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    [Politics] Russia invades Ukraine (24/02/2022)

    As we've said before though, it's really just rolling the dice. A new leader may want peace (and can conveniently blame everything on Putin) ..... or he may be even worse and make Putin look like Paddy Ashdown. But yeah, we're at the stage where I say let's roll those dice ...
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    [Albion] Ambitious summer Transfer Window.

    Oh indeed. I was more marvelling at the fact that the recruitment process, be that the people involved, the data, or the famous algorithms (probably a combination of all three), have been enhanced to the extent where the signing of expensive flops seemingly no longer happens. (Now watch us...
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    [Football] Sanchez at Chelsea

    Better buy 'em both just to be on the safe side. £80 million each.
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    [Albion] Gus Poyet on Sky Sports News

    Sorry, I think a lot of you have missed a very important point on this thread ...... @jackalbion was only 13/14 when Poyet joined! 😲 😲 Jack, I'm surprised your mum let's you go to so many matches when you can only be, what, 16/17 now? 😲 Talk about 'time passing', blimey, was it really that...
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    [Football] Ben White

    Shouldn't we be supporting the Premier League sides? And I don't mean that from a jingoistic perspective (the days are long gone where I automatically supported the English sides in Europe regardless), but isn't it the case that the more successful the PL sides are the more European places are...
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    [Albion] Ambitious summer Transfer Window.

    As an aside (and with reference to the Sam Jewell affair), it is interesting to see how our recruiting has just got SO much better even in the last five years. That article mentions we paid £15m for Locadia in January 2018, and he's now remembered alongside Andone, Tau and Jahanbakhsh as an...
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    [Football] Swindon Town - 18th in League Two

    I believe we were. Still lost 2-1. Iirc correctly Ward got our goal, and they got the winner in pretty much the last minute. I went to that but I missed the 4-0 abandoned game due to a family party. The other thing I remember is seeing the word STAB sprayed on places. It apparently stood for...
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    [News] Affordable tattoo removal, the growth industry of the 2030’s?

    TBF that is quite a valid point, it has dropped out of common British English usage to the extent where it sounds like an Americanism even though it isn't. (Like 'soccer'). However I still like it (and use it myself). Anyway, in true NSC style we've gone right off topic! :lolol:
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