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  1. nicko31

    [News] Hamas/Gaza/Israel

    Again the Tories only believe in freedom of expression if it’s in agreement with them. Still can’t believe Sunak did that address last Friday, he’s so desperate
  2. nicko31

    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    One of the many sacrificial lambs of Brexit.
  3. nicko31

    [Travel] Why British drive on left and Americans drive on right.

    India and Japan are the biggies
  4. nicko31

    [Albion] Fulham vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    I’d almost take the 2-0 now
  5. nicko31

    [Albion] I think he's leaving this summer...

    More worried about how we are going to breakdown anti football-Fulham tomorrow
  6. nicko31

    [Politics] George Galloway MP

    Any pretending this is some huge moment in British politics is misguided. Galloway will be in same dole queue as Clark-Smith, Gullis and other loons in a few months
  7. nicko31

    [Politics] George Galloway MP

    All come together for a Putin love in.
  8. nicko31

    [Politics] George Galloway MP

    Even a stopped clock is right twice a day and bringing the Israeli genocide in Gaza to attention isn't a bad thing. Its just everything else he brings to the party. Desperate attention seeker, I remember him appearing on Big Brother the programme for desperates 100% he'll lose at the GE
  9. nicko31

    [Politics] George Galloway MP

    I remember even Murdoch kicked him off Talk Radio when somehow managed to turn Liverpool's Champions League win over Spurs into an anti-semite slur. Pure opportunist...
  10. nicko31

    [Politics] George Galloway MP

    The problem is whatever Labour or the Tories do Galloway will try and exploit it. Populists exist on the far left too. Like Farage he is toxic and divisive, our country does not need this.
  11. nicko31

    [Politics] George Galloway MP

    The only good thing to come out of this is Reform finishing 6th
  12. nicko31

    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    Sunak is just making sh1t up.
  13. nicko31

    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    Rothermere will have Dacre on the blower to No.10 as we speak
  14. nicko31

    [Politics] Donald Trump 2024

    If Democrats stay at home fascism will prevail
  15. nicko31

    [Albion] Roma tickets - number remaining tier to tier

    Quite a few with a thereshold of >123 pts
  16. nicko31

    [Football] Saudi Super League

    Is that correct? Their average attendance is a whopping 2500 in a stadium of 38,000
  17. nicko31

    [News] Dave Myers - RIP

    That's sad, he was a good entertainer. The 2 offered something unique RIP
  18. nicko31

    [Albion] Positives from the Wolves FA Cup game

    The semi final transport chaos last year almost made me feel I'm glad we're out.
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