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    [Drinking] Did you know? - The Pub Debate

    yup.. a best mate can have a proper birthday!
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    [NSC] RIP Hitony

    Thoughts are with his family and friends. x
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    [Misc] What Book are you Currently Reading?

    Been having a comedian autobio themed splurge... bob mortimer - romesh - ok, lou sanders - very open. fern brady - excellent, and now onto rob beckett's.
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    [TV] Kin on BBC iplayer

    Love Aiden Gillen... hence drawn to this... but got bored 3 / 4 way through season one..... maybe i need to revisit.
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    [Politics] Sunk planning to allow dentists from abroad to practice here .....

    My dentish is South Aftican and chases the sun. He works here May til Oct then goes home for theit better weather. He is with a Bupa pract who are encouraging the dumping of NHS - he so far has refused to do so... but, as nice as he is.. he does not do anything apart from try to encourage me to...
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    [Albion] Des Lynam on radio 5 at 11.00 this morning

    was def a church hall... yes.
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    [Albion] Des Lynam on radio 5 at 11.00 this morning

    Enjoyed the interview... adore CM too.. Des did a talk locally, Rustington last month, I had planned to go, but life got in the way.
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    [Music] Your Favourite DJ of All Time

    I used to listen to The Bag quiz on way back from eve BHA games..
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    [Music] Your Favourite DJ of All Time

    Loved Timbo... was it a Sunday night show on local commercial radio? recall the jingle and pretty sure I had a badge. Always liked Danny Pike. Mainstream - Gary Davies... Scott Mills....Simon Mayo ( my email was read out on his new confessions pod the other week) am partial to Sara Cox.
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    [Misc] Sim only phone contracts

    thanks fo the thread.. rang ee and got more gb for a tenner.. reduced montly from 17...
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    [Misc] Great escapes: How WW2 captives found a glint of light.

    thanks for that... one to visit in the coming months.
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    [TV] The Traitors - BBC

    Jasmine raised this as an alternative theory.... but people were too suspicious of her to run with it...
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    [TV] The Traitors - BBC

    next week will be interesting. H has signed his own death warrant.....
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    [TV] The Traitors - BBC

    not as if you dont join in too eh dave lol
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    [TV] The Traitors - BBC

    Harry had the perfect opportunity last night to shaft Paul Paul had not been told that Jaz was saying he was a traitor and if he goes then it is Paul. Harry shouldve gotten Miles onboard with not mentioning it at the traitor meeting and killing Jaz.. Boom! Paul in firing line leaving those two...
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    Podcasts - what are you listening to?

    really like my mate is a footballer - joe wilkinson and patrick bamford. a recent find.
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    [Albion] the "assistance" priority train ramp post-match

    One would expect if the person and designated came with others who they were then travelling with ie the driver ... then they do need to be on the same train etc.. but alas, human nature errs on the selfish and people will try it on... and others will see that and try it on the next time.
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    [TV] John Lewis CHristmas Advert

    Ah you clearly havet seen me do Horizon... 3 syllables!
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    [NSC] Bozza, whats your story?

    ooo yea, id forgotten about the list.. used to be a very active source of 'stuff'
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