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    [Football] If RDZ leaves us/is sacked at the end of the season....

    Richard Richard, with Eddie Hitler as his no 2
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    [Albion] The Europa League 23-24 Round of 16 Draw OFFICIAL THREAD

    A quick look at the odds and ours are shorter than Roma, which was a surprise. I can’t wait for this, what a night at the Amex it’ll be
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    [Offers] Your favourite/the best Vampire.

    This guy from 1922, Nosferatu - for me, the stuff of nightmares!
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    [Music] Is there one track that you could play all evening, without getting sick of it ?

    Nice song - isn't it the theme of a TV prog?
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    [Misc] Valentine's Day

    My wife is now on Weight Watchers, not drinking alcohol, and we have cats that will eat anything that smells nice. So that's chocolates, champagne and flowers that are out - hence, I have treated her to a lovely pot plant for the garden...
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    [Film] Most underrated movie

    No Escape/Escape from Absolom - I keep watching it and never get bored
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    [Albion] Say something nice about Palace

    All the Palace fans I’ve ever spoken to - colleagues, random people in betting shops, etc - have always been decent people and enjoy chatting about the rivalry
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    [Humour] Weird And Wonderful Stuff Bought A Car Boot Sale

    Not a boot fair, but I went to a charity sale featuring various stalls in a hall in T/Wells, and i saw a big bundle of vintage porn mags for sale. Needless to say, I didn't buy it (as my wife was at another stall), but I'm sure someone had a ruddy good time in the name of charity.
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    [Football] Do you still watch MOTD?

    I was surprised that they didn’t show goal 3 from the kick off after goal 2, it was only a few seconds more. Would have made for better telly
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    [Albion] that fourth goal
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    [Finance] Premium Bonds - prize pool increased again - you ever have any luck?

    I think I got an email on the 5th last time I won
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    [Albion] Palace game are you shitting yourself?

    No, I feel quite calm about it. Not in a 'I'm confident of a win' way, but I'm just not allowing myself to get stressed about it - just looking forward to a good game!
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    [Albion] Reimburse Albion fans at Luton

    It's the risk we take when we go to a game - what will the football lucky dip give us today?
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    [Other Sport] Snooker…. “Golden Ball”

    I'm sure if they throw enough money in the right direction, they'll get what they want for any sport.
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    [Albion] Crystal Palace v Brighton & Hove Albion *** SCORE PREDICTOR ***

    Their late leveller v City will put that little bit of extra oomph into them I reckon - I'll go 1-1
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    [Albion] 'fess up early leavers

    There was a bloke in front of me, just behind the North goal, that decided to play at being a statue whilst all around were loosing themselves when we scored. Literally did not move an inch, no emotion at all. He stayed until the end. I’m assuming he was French, and also surprised to see him stay.
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    [TV] UKCC23 - R16 Match TWO - Father Ted vs The Detectorists

    This has the feel of Liverpool v Utd in the FA Cup third round.
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    [Albion] Which of these scenarios would you take if one was guaranteed

    League wins, followed by wins v AEK and Marseille
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    [Brighton] Potholes

    There's a new pothole on the Ashdown Forest that I literally thought had ripped the wheel off on Friday. It was so big that I fear for any deer that get trapped in it...
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    [Finance] Premium Bonds - prize pool increased again - you ever have any luck?

    I only get email notifications, usually on about 3rd-5th of the month, so hoping for a pre-Christmas bonus!
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