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  1. A1X

    [Football] If RDZ leaves us/is sacked at the end of the season....

    Oliver Glasner Just for shits and giggles / meltdown potential (both sides)
  2. A1X

    [Misc] Can anyone on here speak Latin ?

    Problema est penicilli uada notus ut Iacob Rees-Mogg latine loquatur et sonus posh sed re vera quasi stercore crassus est.
  3. A1X

    [Albion] Roma is our first something since the 2015/16 season...

    Potential NSC bunfight for the ages?
  4. A1X

    [Albion] De Zerbi: 'We deserved to lose...I understood the problem in January!"

    FWIW, and I stress I didn’t follow the game in detail as was out and only really saw the updates on Twitter, I think the biggest issue is Evan’s loss of form. We have no JP, Welbz needs careful game management so Ferguson’s barren run couldn’t be happening at a worse time. He seemed to have at...
  5. A1X

    [Other Sport] F1 2024

    Well that’s this season over I keep thinking back to something Ted Kravitz said during one of the Notebooks he did from testing, essentially that a lot of the recent growth in F1 has been driven by a massive fanbase explosion in the USA. But sports fans in the USA are not really used to one...
  6. A1X

    [Football] Handbags at Forest v Liverpool

  7. A1X

    [Albion] RDZ out

    Bring back Hughton, I say
  8. A1X

    [Politics] Why do we all wear jeans?

    They’re generally more hard wearing than most other trousers
  9. A1X

    [Albion] De Zerbi: 'We deserved to lose...I understood the problem in January!"

    The problem is RdZ has a terrible eye for transfers. Both Dahoud and Fati have flopped badly, and they were his signings.
  10. A1X

    [Albion] Welcome to new Roma NSCers...

    So, who are you looking forward to playing in the 1/4 finals?
  11. A1X

    [Politics] George Galloway MP

    I’d find this kind of conclusion much more understandable had the Labour candidate lost so heavily while being backed by the Labour Party
  12. A1X

    [Politics] George Galloway MP

  13. A1X

    [Politics] George Galloway MP

    What you’re doing there is confusing the Overton window with horseshoe theory
  14. A1X

    [Politics] George Galloway MP

    The constituency level polling for this has been almost non-existent, which is a shame as I feel like if people had realised Tully had a realistic chance the result might have turned out differently (it's a lot easier for people put off different parties to back the independent candidate than a...
  15. A1X

    [Politics] George Galloway MP

    Ah how very Trump. "We didn't lose because we're not popular, it was because of everyone else deliberately trying to stop us".
  16. A1X

    [Politics] George Galloway MP

    Yes you need to serve two (I believe consecutive) terms to qualify for the (generous) pension scheme. It's one of the reasons why so many 2019 Red Wall Tories are bricking it, the gravy train is leaving the station and they're stuck at the ticket barrier.
  17. A1X

    [Politics] George Galloway MP

    Maybe he can push the parties toward his preferred positions of "Vladimir Putin - he's alright really" and "Donald Trump: The real winner of the 2020 US election".
  18. A1X

    [Politics] George Galloway MP

    Well he still hasn’t condemned Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and claims Trump is correct that the 2020 election was stolen. Great judge of character is yon George.
  19. A1X

    [Politics] George Galloway MP

    Galloway loves Putin and Trump, he’s just a rabble-rouser playing communities against each other. It’s a sad day for all of us when cockwombles like him end up in Parliament. Still, not for long. Nobody ever voted for him twice.
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