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  1. J

    [Albion] Player ratings - Albion v Palace

    To give a summary of what's been said online since the game, Chat GPT sums it up as: " Bart Verbruggen (7/10): Made crucial saves to deny Schlupp, showcasing his reflexes and composure, but couldn't prevent Mateta's header. Jan Paul van Hecke (7/10): Solid defensively, barring a moment where...
  2. J

    [Albion] Bard vs Chat GPT - Burnley 11th December 2023

    So, with AI about to take over the world, just how good are they are rating the players in yesterday's game? First up, Bard. Bart Verbruggen (6.5): The young Belgian goalkeeper was at fault for Burnley's opener but made some crucial saves in the second half to keep Brighton in the game. Lewis...
  3. J

    [Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Fulham *** Official Match Thread ***

    Re the commentating... It's just what I was thinking. So irritating. At one moment it's 'They need to take a bit of pace off the ball when they shoot' and the next it's 'Ferguson should have hit that harder'! It's probably the worst commentating I've heard in the last year.
  4. J

    [Albion] Is Dunk still underestimated ?

    So you think he's an amazing player, but you wonder if you've been underestimating him? Are you saying then that perhaps he's truly one of the best ever? Pele, Maradona, Messi, Ronaldo, Dunk?
  5. J

    [Albion] New experiences for Caicedo

    Not good for the club though if that happens. Our model is based on buying young, promising players, coaching them, selling them on for huge prices, and then reinvesting the returns. We need Caicedo to be a huge success so that in a year or two we can get another £100m for Mitoma, Enciso and...
  6. J

    [Albion] FA Cup Semi-Final v Man Utd - 4:30pm, Sunday 23rd April

    I missed out as a guest. A STH was trying for me this afternoon. :( I suppose the lesson - become a member at the start of the season to avoid losing out.
  7. J

    [Albion] Tony Bloom: Is Brighton’s billionaire ‘Lizard’ the cleverest man in the Premier League?

    New article about Tony Bloom in the Times today. Interesting read. It's behind a paywall, but I was able to read it by accessing it via this twitter post.
  8. J

    [Albion] ** BHA v Aston Villa ** - Premier League Score Predictor - Now in it's 12th SEASON !!

    Also missed the early closure. So if you're letting in more votes then 2-0 to Brighton.
  9. J

    [Other Sport] NSC 6 Nations 2022 Competition

    Ireland by 5 England by 4 France by 20
  10. J

    'Obscure" US TV choices - recommendations please

    Great recommendation - thanks. Follows on a run of 3 great series I've watched in recent weeks - Foundation and the Detectorists being the other two.
  11. J

    [Football] Union Saint-Gilloise

    Another article in the New York Times today.
  12. J

    [Albion] Team for Cardiff?

    Audio commentary on the club website here
  13. J

    [Albion] Graham Potter's Season Review
  14. J

    Not about blood clots - have you had side effects from AstraZeneca vaccine?

    9 weeks later and my sore arm hasn't gone away. It seems to have inflamed my whole shoulder which is now very painful. The pain is gradually getting less as the weeks go on, but it is still not pleasant. I'm about to have my 2nd shot and I'm not quite sure what to do. I don't want to go...
  15. J

    [Albion] ** Manchester Utd v BHA ** - Premier League Score Predictor - Now in its 10th SEASON !!

    I've found predicting scores really hard this season. I've entered almost all the polls and only have one right! Going for 2-1 to Man Utd this time.
  16. J

    [Misc] No footy (worth watching) this week - what are you doing?

    Chess has been my lockdown obsession. It's popularity has soured in lockdown and I'm on in the craze. So a lot of games of chess! And probably a walk or run. I normally really miss watching Brighton on the international weekends, but at the moment, I'm quite happy to have a break for a week...
  17. J

    [Football] How Do We Get Rid Of VAR?

    I've just watched the highlights of last night's Chelsea game. An amazing goal by Giroud was initially disallowed by the ref for offside. It was clearly the wrong decision and the goal rightly stood. I agree that that absolute joy on the goal being scored is now muted and that's a loss, but...
  18. J

    [Misc] Best wifi mesh network equipment?

    Also worked very well in my house which has very thick 1m internal walls - solved years of poor coverage.
  19. J

    [Albion] How the hell is Dan Burn in the starting line up again!

    The commentators on CNBC were saying this is why he's in the team - to aim to counteract a strength in the West Ham team.
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