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  1. Jim Van Winkle

    [Football] The standard of Europa League refs

    Ref had a shocker. At least he got the train down from Thornton Heath on time. Lamptey taken out by the corner flag and nothing given. FFS He wasn’t interested in giving two clear penalty’s. Luckily VAR did its job.
  2. Jim Van Winkle

    [Football] Gazza in Brighton last night

    And gambling. Lost a small fortune in London casinos. Not a nice drunk or gambler by all accounts.
  3. Jim Van Winkle

    [Travel] Chicago

    The Art Institute of Chicago is a must see. Yes, get a deep dish if you have never had one but they are overrated. Detroit style pizza is light years ahead. As for the poster that said they’d like to spend NYE in Chicago — DON’T — the Midwest is an Arctic Tundra in the Winter. Avoid like the...
  4. Jim Van Winkle

    [Football] 2022/2023 Relegation Thread - October's views & votes

    Nottingham Forest Bournemouth Aston Villa
  5. Jim Van Winkle

    [Albion] Brighton in Europe ?

    Depends who’s flying the plane.
  6. Jim Van Winkle

    [Film] Russell Crowe

    He was great in South Park. His best work.
  7. Jim Van Winkle

    [Other Sport] Chess Cheating Scandal

    Pegging The King has just been added to the rule book. Space Docking The Bishop is still up for debate.
  8. Jim Van Winkle

    [Albion] Roberto De Zerbi - JOINS AS NEW HEAD COACH (4 year contract)

    Welcome Bob The Zebra My brother sent me one of these tactical videos and I thought his style of play looked very similar to Poyet’s.
  9. Jim Van Winkle

    [NSC] When you first joined NSC

    I was a voyeur for about 5 years before signing up. Danny Seagull was always a good poster. Many hours of amusement reading his posts.
  10. Jim Van Winkle

    [Albion] ** BHA v Leicester ** - Premier League Score Predictor - Now in its 12th SEASON !!

    Vardy will inevitably score against us. 2-1 Albion though.
  11. Jim Van Winkle

    [Albion] Billy Gilmour SINGED on a four-year contract

    Maybe has an axe to grind being an ex-youth team player and former NI schoolboys player. Some people can’t see the bigger picture.
  12. Jim Van Winkle

    [Albion] “On paper, the Utd players are better”

    Paper teams win paper cups — Anonymous Football Talking Head
  13. Jim Van Winkle

    MOTD2, BBC One 22:30

    He prefers to be called ‘The Nordic Meat Shield’.
  14. Jim Van Winkle

    [Football] Fabrizio Romano

    *inserts sad face*
  15. Jim Van Winkle

    [Football] Fabrizio Romano

    Oh my! There’s been a murder. I just witnessed a monster truck go over a kids tricycle.
  16. Jim Van Winkle

    [Albion] Big Shane duffy

    Yeah, we beat Spurs and Arsenal away and then United at home. Lovely stuff. Just for clarification; is Dan Byrne the love child of Dan Burn and John Byrne?
  17. Jim Van Winkle

    [Football] Fabrizio Romano

    We should be thanking him for helping drive up the price of Cucurella. As ever Tony Bloom plays his hand like a ****ing legend. On a side note: I never thought I’d see the day The Albion sold a player for £60M
  18. Jim Van Winkle

    [Albion] Lisandro Magallán

    2 more than you and I
  19. Jim Van Winkle

    [Football] OMG Will fish & chips now be banned?

    That would make it the ‘catch of the day’.
  20. Jim Van Winkle

    [Albion] Mercurial, majestic, magnificent Mitoma [20/10/23: New deal signed]

    Nope, he did his first training session in his white y-fronts. Well to England, Mitoma!
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