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  1. Pretty Plnk Fairy

    [Football] East London Tracksuititis Spreads to Millwall

    Lads who love this country pal. God Sve the King
  2. Pretty Plnk Fairy

    [Football] East London Tracksuititis Spreads to Millwall

    Typical lefty snowflakes takeing the piss. these lads are PATERIOTS and when the commies try to take over you’ll be thanking each and every one for saveing this country arise sir nige and sir tommy regards DF
  3. Pretty Plnk Fairy

    [Albion] Is it just as well that we’ve bagged 22 points this early?

    If we’d lost all the matches wed win and drawn we would be bottom of the table with no points FACT. Which just proves why we need a BRITISH manger instead of a foriegn one. Regards DF
  4. Pretty Plnk Fairy

    [Politics] Brexit

    Tipical snowflake. You drone on and on about things such as having a 7 million waiting list for operations, economic growth, a cohesive transport and educashun strategy, dentists that take on NHS patience and free trade, but you ignore the FACT that this is all caused by people in big rubber...
  5. Pretty Plnk Fairy

    [Technology] What's a decent size in inches

    I thought this thread was abaht Guppys penis when i opened it
  6. Pretty Plnk Fairy

    [Football] Japan's ( Mitoma's )next two fixtures.

    Tippical. If I wroted something using a word like that I would be banned for being a racialist. Once again its one rule for the tofu munching libs who run the boared and another for patriots like me Regards DF
  7. Pretty Plnk Fairy

    [Albion] Right, that was a lot of fun but tomorrow your club needs you

    The foriegn manager got the team wrong. Should of picked Dunk, March, Ferguson, Welbeck and Zamora. All ENGERLAND players Regards DF
  8. Pretty Plnk Fairy

    [Politics] The Right Honourable Suella Braverman. KC MP **Sacked 13/11**

    You snowflakes are slaging off some of our top boys who are defending the Senopaf from the wokey wokeys by braking through the police lines and giving a few OB a slap en root are forgetting one thing. They are doing it PATERIOTICULLY so stick that in you’re keanewa you lefties. if I wasnt...
  9. Pretty Plnk Fairy

    [NSC] Become an NSC Supporter. If you want. It's entirely optional. No-one has to.

    As much as I cant stand most of the snoflakes on hear I have singed up Regards DF
  10. Pretty Plnk Fairy

    [Albion] ajax fans tomorrow night

    You will be safe against Marseile as Guppy is coming out of retirement and no foriegn firm would risk dealing with him especially if hes angry if uncle sams have no ketchup for his chips again Regards DF
  11. Pretty Plnk Fairy

    [Travel] Trains tonight

    Nonsense. Stadium wasnt built until 2011 Regards DF
  12. Pretty Plnk Fairy

    [Albion] Wankers at the station

    Dont try that fella, son should be proud of his dad for being willing to go toe to toe with there firm. I’m disappointed in the son and you. Games gone if you ask me Regards DF
  13. Pretty Plnk Fairy

    [Albion] Wankers at the station

    Keep going, nearly their. Regards DF
  14. Pretty Plnk Fairy

    [Albion] Assault in away end

    Keep going, I’m nearly at the vinegar strokes.
  15. Pretty Plnk Fairy

    [Albion] Assault in away end

    i would of been their on Thursday but i had a cold so my mum said i couldnt go but before you snowflakes start it was a HeAVY cold
  16. Pretty Plnk Fairy

    [News] The Historical Sex Allegations Thread

    whats sex? regards DF
  17. Pretty Plnk Fairy

    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    Gets my vote then Regards DF
  18. Pretty Plnk Fairy

    [Politics] Is Woke a significant factor in any upcoming General Election?

    Took me to the vinegar strokes reading it. Regards DF
  19. Pretty Plnk Fairy

    [Politics] Brexit

    Anuvver grate victory for Brexit Musiciains touring EU from UK down by a third (which is more than a halve) so more of us can see Brotherhood of Man and Showaddywoody in THIS country this year Take that snowflakes...
  20. Pretty Plnk Fairy

    [Albion] IFO adjudication on Albion fan's indefinite ban

    Just as well the club hadn’t been thinking of singing Charlie Oatway Regards DF
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