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    [Football] Chelsea v Leeds - who do you want to win?

    gone for the third option but if I had to pick one I'd go for Leeds
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    [Travel] Passport renewal

    my other half s had lapsed 2 years ago only took a week from online application to receipt
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    [Travel] Passport renewal

    my other half applied for a renewal 2 weeks ago received the passport within a week
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    [Football] Mason Holgate.

    I thought it was confirmed at the time by police that much of it came from overseas
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    [Football] Mason Holgate.

    does read very much as I apologise but, whilst not apologising to the person who deserves an apology. I would hope as a fellow professional he would have done so privately
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    [Albion] Sheffield United vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    shocking isn't it . thought that was what I heard
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    [Albion] Sheffield United vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    are they booing Mitoma coming back on
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    [Albion] The "Official" Albion Fan Advisory Board thread

    how about a strongly worded complaint about the lack of subjects to complain about
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    [Music] AC/DC Wembley July 2024

    only saw them on the Stiff Upper Lip tour at wembley arena was a great show, this time round even if only for the spectacle
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    [Other Sport] Shrove Tuesday

    lemon and sugar all the way. though I fear the kids will smother theirs in chocolate spread then complain about feeling ill
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    [Other Sport] Official NFL Thread 2023/2024

    nice play leading to the touchdown
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    [Albion] Ibrahim Osman **Signing Confirmed 10/02/24**

    the one posted just up this thread signed a few months back not good enough?
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    [Albion] Do you want Palace to go down?

    I enjoy the rivalry but a couple of seasons without those games with us at least a division above will be quite nice to be honest. I do think they are in a bad way currently and I'm not convinced they would be a straight back up kind of team
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    [Albion] Mahmoud Dahoud (Loaned to VfB Stuttgart 31/01/24)

    apart from that which has already been posted, no. not at all
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    [Albion] Luton Town vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    in the starting line up according to that
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    [Albion] FA Cup Fourth Round

    and as a response one set of supporters begins chanting let him die
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    [Albion] Beat Sheffield United in the Cup, or beat Luton in the League?

    and it'll be Bozzas fault for making it a choice
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    [Football] Agreeing with Simon Jordan 😬

    I listen to his podcast regularly and enjoyed his book the bitterness here seems out of place with his normal measured opinions like you say this does come across as being more about his tenure than our current situation
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