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  1. SK1NT

    [Music] Eurovision Song Contest 2024 - Official thread

    Who? Australia was just a joke and would be hard to top.
  2. SK1NT

    [NSC] RIP Hitony

    Another of the old guard gone :cry: RIP Hitony
  3. SK1NT

    Help needed on skateboards...please

    Thanks to this thread gone down an avenue of reminiscing from my 80s days skateboarding in Victoria Park Worthing. Had a Natas Skateboard, then a Santa Cruz robroskopp both with two tone sims street snakes... not skateboarded for 30 years. Happy memories.
  4. SK1NT

    [Football] Do you still watch MOTD?

    If there are some good games. I mainly forward the boring analysis.
  5. SK1NT

    [News] Jonnie Irwin RIP

    Great little tribute to him at the end of Monday's Escape to the Country. Awful awful news. Like the show but he was always my fav presenter. Such sad news. His poor young family. RIP
  6. SK1NT

    [Misc] The Award-winning official "More Snow Tomorrow?" Thread [2023-24 Season]

    I'm not a skiing fan but my 7 year old is friends with the hosts, Chemmy's little boy.
  7. SK1NT

    [Technology] Hiked price for RING Doorbell plan

    Got a ring door bell 2 years ago. Even 2 years ago i felt that the monthly subscription was overpriced. I do like the product. I can get a live view. The main thing i like is being notified on my phone when the door bell rings, which is handy when i am out. When i work from home i can also see...
  8. SK1NT

    [NSC] Is this Groundhog Day?

    Is this Groundhog Day? Every time the adverts come on it's 'Who Killed the F*ing Zutons', I'm not buying it on principle.
  9. SK1NT

    [NSC] Is this Groundhog Day?

    Can't believe that it's nearly 20 years since i first posted on page 7 of this thread. This thread rearing its head is groundhog day
  10. SK1NT

    [Football] sorry but how the feck do fulham beat arsenal....

    Arsenal always crumble after new year... they started early this year.
  11. SK1NT

    [TV] Squid Game - The Challenge

    We have watched the ones that have been released. The setup is brilliantly like the series. We really enjoyed it and it does grip you. The one gripe i have with it is that they have too many nominations to vote people out rather than games. It was ok to have it once or twice but about 15...
  12. SK1NT

    [Football] Terry Venables - RIP

    Along with Bobby Robson my fav managers. 1990 was my fav football tournament. I always wonder what he could have done with the talent we had in the early 2000s. If only the FA kept him. Feel a bit like that for Glenn Hoddle too, but not as much. RIP Terry. Another piece of my childhood gone.
  13. SK1NT

    [Football] North Macedonia v England

    He seems like a decent guy but my worry is he is going to waste probably the best crop of players we have ever had... at a time where international football isn't as strong as previous decades. Yes he has done well... World Cup Semi, Euro final but i think a trained chimp in a waistcoat could...
  14. SK1NT

    [Football] Your second team and why ?

    My mum and dad use to take me to white hart lane although i was born and brought up in Brighton and Worthing. I am always torn.. spurs for the sentimental and memories of childhood... although i definitely feel i am closer to brighton. I hate liking two teams.
  15. SK1NT

    [Albion] Olympique de Marseille vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Well done Brighton. Showed good character in that second half... Happy... lots of good stuff to work on
  16. SK1NT

    [Albion] Olympique de Marseille vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Well looks like i was right and you weren't :)
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