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  1. Seasider78

    [Albion] Barco criticism from Argentina

    Boca is a huge club in Argentina so when clubs of our history and stature from the PL come over waving what in our league is small amounts of cash that are still enough to prise away their top talent it is going to sting. My view is the grizzling is largely about the power of the PL to take...
  2. Seasider78

    [Albion] Our Players Diving !

    The officials have a role to play in this as we have seen countless times if you stay on your feet or don’t do these theatrics the offending players are just not punished. Enciso popped up after he was clattered shortly after coming on yesterday and no yellow was given but if he had stayed down...
  3. Seasider78

    [Albion] Ansu Fati **Signed On Loan 01/09**

    Clearly very talented as we saw before his injury but can’t shake the feeling his heart is not really in it and we are only getting a fraction of the application needed for him to give us what we need at this level. It an interesting one for him as he will need to pull some sort of rabbit out...
  4. Seasider78

    [Albion] Valentín Barco **Signed 20/01/24**

    Like Hinshelwoods debut just looks so composed and comfortable on the ball really excited to see this lad develop
  5. Seasider78

    [Albion] Injuries

    One of the key issues we have is a large number of our back up options all have patchy injury records. Webster, Lamptey, Milner, Lallana are all made of glass and even Wellbeck and Fati who have avoided any lengthy injured spells come with a heightened risk of injury related absences. For next...
  6. Seasider78

    [Albion] Low Block is our Achilles heel

    Pedro is such a big miss for us in games like this as away from his goals his movement is exceptional and he creates so much space in packed areas. No coincidence that we struggled to score in a game where we had only one semi fit striker
  7. Seasider78

    [Albion] Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

    Need to wake up at the back look like they have all been out on the piss
  8. Seasider78

    [Football] Caicedo and MacAllister, How Well Have They Done Since They Left Us?

    If he had taken the Liverpool offer he would be in a title and Europa league race and have a winners medal already around his neck but went for the cash at Chelsea where they will now be hoping for a chance to match Brightons old target of establishing themselves as a team in the top 10. He...
  9. Seasider78

    [Albion] Ansu Fati **Signed On Loan 01/09**

    de Zerbi knows he is a lot better than he is showing of late (same with Pervis) which is why he is pushing them to show more. Before his injury it had clicked and he looked a real player but like Pervis struggled to recapture his pre injury form
  10. Seasider78

    [Palace] #cpfc

    Not so sure you can polish a turd but it’s still a turd. German football experts saying he struggles under pressure and went a bit crazy in Germany lashing out at media, fans and owners which is why he ended up being given marching orders. How is he going to play his high press high wingback...
  11. Seasider78

    [Albion] Dan Ashworth joins Newcastle

    He’s back in the garden with an eye watering £20m to release him!
  12. Seasider78

    [Albion] Pascal Groß the raumdeuter

    One if not the best value signing in recent memory in the PL
  13. Seasider78

    [Albion] More Chris Wilder delusion...

    Dinosaur manager with his thuggish team and tactics rightly being relegated back down the divisions.
  14. Seasider78

    [Palace] #cpfc

    We are the cycle of palace trying to do something exotic on the managerial front rather than their usual Hodgson, Allardyce, Pardew appointment. Let’s all hope this is another Frank De Boer moment who marches them to the championship
  15. Seasider78

    [Palace] #cpfc

    Still no sign of Roy getting the flick even after the mass protest walkout by their fans at the weekend. Looks like it’s a miserable limp through the rest of the season for them hoping to be less shit than 3 other teams.
  16. Seasider78

    [Albion] Palace Fans Biggest Fear

    The fallout from #cpfc since Saturday has been a joy to beyond and rivalled only by the tailspin we sent Chelsea in when we served glow up Graham and his merry band of 8 year contract mercenaries their arses on a plate. Their fans running for the entrances as the reality of the gulf between the...
  17. Seasider78

    [Albion] Why has RDZ not signed a new contract yet?

    We tried to sign a quality midfielder but promotion chasing Leicester rightly put a big price tag on him to protect their interests. Away from that we simply do not pay the sort of money to buy ready made Caicedo or Macallister replacements and the day we do we break out model and immediately...
  18. Seasider78

    [Albion] When we win Saturday all will be forgotten

    Why is whenever we come up against palace we never have a full strength squad available and looks like risk Pedro won’t be available for this one either.
  19. Seasider78

    [Albion] Luton Memories

    Took this on my Nokia whatever the hell it was at the end of the game the charming folks
  20. Seasider78

    [Albion] When will our fans turn?

    Spot on your measure is what you have been most used to as a fan and we forget that for the most part of 10 years we have been on a continual upward trajectory and when this slips there will be noise from certain quarters that’s for sure. I would like to think the majority are just enjoying...
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