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  1. Juan Albion

    [Albion] Dahoud "In the end it just didn't work out"

    He was on to replace the injured Undav.
  2. Juan Albion

    [NSC] Word Association Game

  3. Juan Albion

    [NSC] Word Association Game

  4. Juan Albion

    [Albion] Sorry Lawro your time is up…..

    Gary Stevens wasn't bad.
  5. Juan Albion

    [TV] Carol Vorderman.

    He can't help it, he leans towards hoity-toity.
  6. Juan Albion

    [Albion] What’s the worst away day in the 92?

    Port Vale was always so depressing.
  7. Juan Albion

    [Football] FA Cup 3rd Round Ties

    Massive 1 Cardiff 0. Cardiff have missed 2 (TWO) penalties in the first 7 minutes. Must be a record.
  8. Juan Albion

    [Music] What's the best song you have heard today? Share it here.

    Also the ONLY song I've heard today.
  9. Juan Albion

    [TV] UKCC24 - Quarter Final Two - Father Ted vs I'm Alan Partridge

    Mrs Doyle's lad, Tommy, scored a cracker for Wolves tonight. Should earn him a nice cup of tea and, perhaps, a Ferrero Rocher.
  10. Juan Albion

    [Albion] Valentín Barco **Signed 20/01/24**

    It probably helps that we are now an established Premier League team. Three or four years ago, players would have been much harder to attract to "the new team on the block" that might or might not get relegated. We've probably been in the Prem for almost half the time he's been aware of the Prem.
  11. Juan Albion

    [NSC] Word Association Game

  12. Juan Albion

    [NSC] Word Association Game

  13. Juan Albion

    [Politics] Elderly people in supermarkets

    Try using a tampon instead.
  14. Juan Albion

    [NSC] Word Association Game

  15. Juan Albion

    [Misc] Only in America - 26/10/23 another mass shooting

    Guardian: "Robert Card, the man identified as a person of interest in the Lewiston shootings, is a firearms instructor trained by the military, according to a state police bulletin." Feel for the cops. Not an amateur and not the type of guy I would want to be hunting in daylight, let alone the...
  16. Juan Albion

    [Misc] Only in America - 26/10/23 another mass shooting

    Last year there were 25 homicides total in Maine, now possibly 22+ in one evening.
  17. Juan Albion

    [Misc] Only in America - 26/10/23 another mass shooting

    Sources saying 22 dead, more than 50 wounded so far. And still on the loose.
  18. Juan Albion

    [NSC] Word Association Game

  19. Juan Albion

    [Politics] Donald Trump 2024

    The simple point is that there is dirt there to be dug up. How can you dismiss it so tritely?
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