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  1. getz

    Nostalgia - Old Restaurants and Bars in Brighton

    Let me take you back to the early sixties! The Tudor bar in the basement of the Salisbury Hotel. First taste of strong German lager. The pub crawl to be" seen in". The Druids Head"," The Sussex" and the Pickwick" all in the Lanes.. After 10.30 closing into Choys, the Nanking or the...
  2. getz

    [Film] Most underrated movie

    " The Bridges of Madison County". Fabulous acting from Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood. Emotional tearjerker with a heartbreaking ending. Icing on the cake is the wonderful jazz soundtrack. Probably not suitable for you hairy-assed supporters though.
  3. getz

    [Brighton] Abandoned areas of the King Alfred

    I can't believe no one has mentioned the grab- a - granny Friday night bunfest popular with the unlucky in love singles. Very popular when when I used to haunt the King Alfred in the early nineties.
  4. getz

    [TV] What's good to watch on All 4?

    Just watched " The Lost" Very gripping six - parter. Not for the faint-hearted though. Binge worthy! .
  5. getz

    [Albion] Any Shops in Brighton Sell ‘Albion Art’ ?

    Yes I recommend this shop off of Montague Street in the arcade. I have bought an Albion themed print and a ceramic figure of a fan with a blue and white scarf. Open up the menu in the attachment to see said items. The print I think was £45 and the figure £59.
  6. getz

    [Albion] Tonight’s ref

    I liked his " look at me" pre-match push-ups for a couple of minutes in front of the East stand lower.
  7. getz

    [Misc] What was better in the 90s than today?

    What I was going to say there is an adaptation of Drop the Dead Donkey at the Theatre Royal next March
  8. getz

    [Misc] Collections

    When I was 20 in 1964 Bang and Olufsen brought out a wonderful transistor radio which had something new FM radio. What stood out was the sound quality from the usual tinny competition. I remember paying £34 for it which was a fortune then. It ended in a hedge in Storrington 20 years later which...
  9. getz

    [Music] Music performances that bring a tear to your eye.

    If only I knew how to add a video to my answer, maybe someone can do it for me. My choice is Bonnie Raitt's "I can't make you love me". It always hurts to hear the lyrics about a one- side love relationship.
  10. getz

    [Albion] The first Albion player you remember watching

    I remember the immaculately groomed goalkeeper Eric Gill in his green polo neck jumper. Later to become a hotelier. Jimmy Langley with his bandy legs and hitched up shorts. Not a good look. I think he became an English B international. Des Tennant the rotund full back. Roy Jennings an old...
  11. getz

    [Albion] Europa League - What we know so far

    Yes Antibes is lovely, but unfortunately has only a few hotels. Base yourselves in Nice so much more accommodation and bars.
  12. getz

    [Albion] Streams for tonight

    Are people aware that " Hes" is back online?
  13. getz

    [Humour] Things that kids have said that made you laugh out loud

    My son Richard age 5 was asked by his straight - laced aunt would he like biscuit. He replied "Yes". His aunt says to Richard " What is that little word beginning with P (meaning please). Richard replied" Piss". I didn't know whever to laugh or cry.
  14. getz

    [Misc] Things That Nobody Said Ever

    "What a wonderful bus service Venice has"
  15. getz

    [Brighton] Burt Bacharach RIP

    Bert Bacharach not forgetting Hal David the best songwriting team since the fifties. I have fond memories of shuffling around the Regent ballroom to " walk on by". I saw him perform a few years ago at the Jazz festival near Lewes. Yesterday we lost a true legend.
  16. getz

    [Football] Stuff that never happens in football anymore

    Being touched up by a paedo in the south stand. I can see his face now 70 years on.
  17. getz

    [Football] Stuff that never happens in football anymore

    Definitely remember buying a bag of peanuts in their shells.
  18. getz

    [Film] Films that make you BLUB

    This also came into my head. Pleading with Meryl Streep to open the car door and go to the pick - up with Clint Eastwood waiting for her at the traffic lights to change her depressing farmers wife life with the man who came into her life unexpectedly. Very tearfull
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