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    On a lighter note Post your good news ( I've got a new dog.)

    Got back yesterday from an amazing 2 weeks 5 star AI in Jamaica - and while I was there I heard that I've been shortlisted for another business award!
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    Dallas 2012

    I'm watching an episode of it right now actually! Got a few episodes to catch up on!
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    Favourite After Shave of NSC?

    Clinique Happy and Cool Water are gorgeous!
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    [Misc] What Book are you Currently Reading?

    Great book! Wait til you get to the end! :-) I've just finished To My Best Friends by Sam Baker (chick lit) And half way through an awesome book - The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. If you run a business I'd recommend this book as a must! Also part way through The Kindle Publishing...
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    there, their, they're

    People putting an apostrophe in the wrong place in a word annoys me! I keep seeing do'nt on Facebook! Even worse is when people think a comma is an apostrophe and type don,t!!
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    iPod v MP3 player

    Do iPod shuffles have wifi and apps?
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    Have you got tattoos or piercings?

    2 piercings (ears) and 1 tattoo (small Chinese symbol) on my hip
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    Asking for a Retweet - whats the POINT ?

    Not football related but it's the 'celebrity' fan profiles that baffle me If a celeb or soap star is on Twitter 9 times out of 10 there will be a fan account "JustinBieberFans" or "AlexReidFans" who just report what the object of their affection is up to! Why would anyone bother?!
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    Quidco does it work?

    It's brilliant! We've made around £500. The big payouts are on mobiles/Sky and Virgin/insurance. Good money to be made doing nothing different
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    Passport photo for Babies ?

    Apparently Timpsons do baby passport photos and have bean bags for baby to lay on while the photo is taken
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    what was your first ever big night out?

    My first was Sterns just outside Worthing. They used to give out free tickets for 18th birthdays which would be photocopied and passed on to all and sundry. I was 16 and it was a Thursday night!
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    Anyone see the Paul Gascoine Piers Morgan interview?

    Something didn't ring true with last night's interview IMO. I'd go as far as to say he was coached to say what the public want to hear to regain his icon status and all the money/ fame that goes with it! Garza is a narccisist and that hasn't been dealt with I don't think. He gave the impression...
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    'Friends of NSC' advertising

    Does the business need to be based in Sussex if geography isn't a barrier to trade? Also do you think this works best for B2C? In principle I'm interested. My business works with local business owners to teach them how to use social media for business promotion. However I'm based in East...
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    iTunes Help

    When you plug it in the first time a prompt comes up asking if you want to restore from a backup or set up as a new iPhone. Click on set up new iPhone. Before you plug it in do as suggested earlier and change the settings to manually update music then you can manually drag the music from the...
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    tech query - yahoo mail / mobile updates

    It's probably in junk. On my Hotmail account everything arrives into my iPhone inbox but online the junk mail is in the junk folder
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    iTunes Help

    I'm reading this that her iPhone is synced with a different iTunes account to the one you're trying to sync with now? If this is the case then you'll need to set it up as a new iPhone on your iTunes then it won't overwrite anything
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    Have you tried deleting an reinstalling the app?
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    3Mobile- any good?

    I use my iPhone 3GS on Tesco Mobile PAYG. Tesco piggyback O2 and when you top up, they triple the credit. I'm topping up £10 every 7-8 weeks which gets converted to £30. I use Skype for landline calls (£4.50 per month unlimited) and a 3 Mobile MiFi also on PAYG at £10 per month
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    Gary Barlow/X factor tonite

    Does Gary not like Tulisa? People have been making comments about the body language between them on Jonathan Ross last night! What's the story there then?
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