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    [Misc] Alpha Men Assemble - What The Fu..?

    Some great videos of Soverign CItizens using their legalise against the police or courts in America and it doesn't go to well for them. Google Judge John Hurley and David Hall as the judge gets more and more tired of putting up with the nonsense.
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    [Misc] Conspiracy theories

    Good podcast called The Paranoid Strain that covers a wide range of conspiracy theories, from protocols of zion, chem trails, flat earth, anti vaxxers and the bizarre sovereign citizen well worth a listen to
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    [Albion] Chris Hughton - Albion God

    As a Palace fan I never imagined myself saying well done to you but well done. You've being well organised and good to see the spine that got you promoted played a big role in the team this season with some great signings. Some said it is almost 21years to the day from the Hereford match come...
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    Which 'derby' game interests you the most as a neutral?

    Lyon had a banner against St Etienne saying 'while our fathers invented cinema yours were dying in the mine'
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    I'm buying a 20 pound insurance policy just in case we qualify. Are you?

    If Brighton are 9/2 and there is 100% chance that either Derby or Brighton will reach wembley, Derby are going to be at least 9/2 on to qualifty even excluding the overound. So a £20 bet will return at most about £4.40 enough to buy a pint of Guinness in the Lord Nelson after the game...
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    How is the Royal family financially or constitutionally bad for Britain?

    The difference is that we can vote on politicians ability to do their job, if we think they are only in the position because of their parents we can vote against them, it's our choice in democracy. We don't have that option with Charles or William. Nice to see so many on here sticking up for...
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    Why the excitement for Oscar?

    Before anyone else mentions it I'll give you Michu.
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    Why the excitement for Oscar?

    Think that's right upto a point, I already mentioned Wegner/Arsenal in another post and i think he used his knowledge of the French league to sign some great players at value but when Newcastle catch up with the idea that French domestic players are undervalued then the value has gone out of...
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    Why the excitement for Oscar?

    Think one of the major stumbling block that teams have is lack of consistency, I'm Palace supporter but i think Bloom runs Brighton really well and getting in a ready made replacement is the way to keep that consistency, always used to work well for Arsenal in terms of players. Look at how...
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    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

    Sums up being a supporter of any club really, as a Palace fan yesterday was great but it's dealing with the lows that separates most supporters from the soulless Man Utd and Chelsea supporters. On the train home yesterday I bumped in to a Palace friend I have seen for about 10 years his first...
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    Is it time to drop the Brighton/Palace rivalry?

    No, as a Palace supporter the last two season with you in your new ground and a good team have been great, even losing 3-0 and being soaking wet on a bus back to town full of happy Brighton supporters that seemed to take an hour to move 50 yards . I moved down to Brighton shortly after we beat...
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    One of my best Albion days today

    I recently took my daughter to her first Palace match, she is five and was born in Brighton and she loved going, the occasion and the atmosphere, she is only five remember she only just stop believing that Messi plays for us. I've Been down here about 10 years now, you lost a generation of...
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