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  1. Bigtomfu

    [Football] Raphael Dwamena RIP

    Excellent. Talk up random Serie A/A.N.Other European powerhouse but in shit league club(s) wanting him or agent speak for help me get my €1m fee and try to resurrect the Brighton transfer. Sorry but its a no from me.
  2. Bigtomfu

    [Politics] Blimey! 23 Russian diplomats expelled!!!!

    Except of course for sacking the secretary of state basically because he came out in agreement that Russia was to blame and instilling the Director of the CIA, who couldn't possibly have an agenda could he, in his place.
  3. Bigtomfu

    [Politics] Blimey! 23 Russian diplomats expelled!!!!

    I bet Wills is right NAFFED off. He loves a bit of FOOTER.
  4. Bigtomfu

    [TV] Anyone know any good documentaries to watch?

    Two by Adam Curtis: If you have a bit more time and can stretch the definition of documentary a touch
  5. Bigtomfu

    [Albion] Dale Stephens. Picked up a Knock in Training = Out for ???

    Pre contract agreement and deal in place to sign for Liverpool at end of the season for £75m.
  6. Bigtomfu

    [Film] Underrated Films

    Yep and based on a true story about a radio telescope site in western Australia that was supposed to be the back up relay station for transmitting the pictures from the landing of Apollo XI on the moon. Sam Neil plays the station chief in what is just a wonderfully humorous tale where the...
  7. Bigtomfu

    [Football] Dulwich Hamlet

    Went a couple of seasons ago for the game when they go their record home crowd. As some have pointed out they do have a very 'on trend' supporter base which given the proximity does include a large number of Palace STH when they're away from home but still nothing relatively short of scandalous...
  8. Bigtomfu

    [Film] Underrated Films

    The Dish
  9. Bigtomfu

    [Film] Point Break - BBC One 11.30

    I should be going to bed - heavy weekend (thanks Albion), new dad (Thanks Mrs Bigtomfu) and early start tomorrow with a packed agenda but Point Break is starting on BBC One after MOTD2. It has it's flaws but I absolutely love the first hour of this film. Going to have to stay up for at least...
  10. Bigtomfu

    [Albion] Most Coventry fans think they're going to get absolutely battered on Saturday

    Very much a pretendence according to a Cov City STH work colleague. FWIW she thinks they will get spanked but will enjoy their day in the sun. They're a noisy bunch away and see this just a massive BDO. Annoyed I cannot attend due to a blooming christening. *FACEPALM* One thing from that Cov...
  11. Bigtomfu

    [Sussex] country walk

    EXACTLY the age I was introduced to it. We used to stop and dam the stream you have to cross over a small wooden footbridge.
  12. Bigtomfu

    [Sussex] country walk

    Park in the Half Moon car park in Plumpton, come out of the car park and turn left down the road, walking for about 200 yards, then turn left off the road onto a footpath and what then follows is a wonderful circular walk across streams, through woodlands and back across meadows (part of the...
  13. Bigtomfu

    [News] BHAFC partners with Pogoseat® to give fans the ability to move seats

    I'm wondering if for example as a STH you want to try out the WSL near the dug outs against say Arsenal (category A), you register as up for a swap and receive a credit note for your pro-rated ST cost (c£30) and then pay the listed seat price for the seat of your choice - in my example £55 (I...
  14. Bigtomfu

    [Albion] A better understanding of our survival chances - Mini Poll inside

    Now we'll be the butt of all jokes
  15. Bigtomfu

    [Albion] Proud day to be a fan

    Gutted to miss this one today but can already imagine what it was like. Looking forward to playing my part in the rest of the home games and being there when we prove the doubters wrong. Outstanding win and happy to watch MOTD for once.
  16. Bigtomfu

    [Albion] Coventry match - tickets ON SALE NOW

    Reading the club's email only the south stand has been allocated to them which is c3k right?
  17. Bigtomfu

    [Albion] Coventry match - tickets ON SALE NOW

    We really should give Coventry more than 3k. I will come but risk it in waiting for Upper tiers. Don’t like the view from lower tiers *shrug* Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Bigtomfu

    [Football] What's the most expensive cup of tea you have ever bought ?

    A single cup? Probably £3.95 for a pot of Twinings at The Wolseley
  19. Bigtomfu

    Bell Cheeses at work

    Presumably open to EVERYONE except HBB?! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Bigtomfu

    [Albion] How is the end of the January transfer window going to play out for you?

    Entertaining at home this evening but will cast a slanty eye to all things twitter and SSN with a smattering of Premier League tonight post Spuds United as they’re doing a transfer window special. They’ve signed a top top top pundit in Harry to provide the high level intellectual insight into...
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