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  1. mistahclarke

    [Finance] Is your Mortgage rate ending this year ?

    Gareth, what do self employed people need these days? 2 years accounts or 3?
  2. mistahclarke

    [Finance] The Mortgage Market 2022

    About 12 years ago Gareth posted something offering his services so I took a punt and he helped me get my first flat. One house move and 3 remortages later and he's still the only person I'd contact. I can't recommend him highly enough. Top bloke, you can't go wrong with him.
  3. mistahclarke

    [Misc] Annoying habits of your other half

    I could go on all day, off the top of my head: - Leaving things on the stairs that need to be put up but walking past them until I pick them up - Forever miss-placing her keys/phone etc then getting angry at me for not helping her find them - Making a sandwich and leaving all the ingredients out...
  4. mistahclarke

    [News] Acid attack on 3 year old boy.

    As a father this both disgusts me and makes me weep. Poor child.
  5. mistahclarke

    [Football] Worst offside decision EVER

    just saw that on the BBC myself. Terrible decision.
  6. mistahclarke

    [Film] Underrated Films

    Good recommendation. The only other film I've liked with Carrell in it was Little Miss Sunshine.
  7. mistahclarke

    [Albion] If you joined this site before Dec 2011 please post in here.

    I was positive before the season started, and I'm still positive.It was never going to be easy, but there are plenty glory moments to come this season. I would however be delighted to see a striker sign on the dotted line.
  8. mistahclarke

    Bankers Fish and Chip shop in Hangleton

    It's on Deliveroo
  9. mistahclarke

    Can we bin off adverts from The S*n on here please Bozza?

    it's more likely display placement advert targeting a football forum, on the assumption they are more likely to be up for fantasy football (than say Gardeners Weekly). It can only be re-marketing (based on search habits) if he visited the sun site.
  10. mistahclarke

    Great White off Hayling Island.

    I've got a picture of me and my Aussie best mate swimming in the spot a girl was killed on Straddie Island a week before. You've not seen a picture of anyone looking more uncomfortable, desperately waiting for the picture to be taken.
  11. mistahclarke

    [Misc] Free £10

    £10 beer money for handing over a valid email address and all your personal details? :drink:
  12. mistahclarke

    Anyone on Jeff Stelling watch today?
  13. mistahclarke

    Best season since 1981/2!

    At the beginning of the season, everyone would have took your hand off for promotion. A month ago, they still would have took your hand off. I'm just glad we had our wobble after it was sewn up.
  14. mistahclarke

    Could a terrorist be living/staying next door to you?

    I live in Hangleton. My neighbour to the left is a life-long albion fan who mows my lawn despite my best protests, and as thus will always be a legend in my book on both accounts. Opposite is a nurse (Brighton born, but her mother is middle eastern which frankly is irrelevant unless you are the...
  15. mistahclarke

    Presuming we don't make it this year...

    I am from the future and I can tell you that........... .... Spoilers may ruin the unexpected spontaneous elation football gives. Good teams go down, bad teams go up and vice versa. I for one will sit on the edge of my seat with hope of promotion for every football minute played while it's...
  16. mistahclarke

    Russian Orel Butchers.

    Do I have to read all the pages to see if this is kosher? (or if that joke has been said yet)
  17. mistahclarke

    Hacksaw Ridge.....One serious, one not so serious question!

    I've seen U-571, Jon Bon Jovi is the saviour of WW2 and we all know it.
  18. mistahclarke

    Hacksaw Ridge.....One serious, one not so serious question!

    I'd question how he knew someone would be there to untie them after he lowered then down each time.
  19. mistahclarke

    Now tv help

    Virgin have given a lot of cm's free sky sports for 6 weeks so if you have Virgin, worth a quick check.
  20. mistahclarke

    What was Glen Murray thinking?

    On the plus side, Solly's run reminded me of Vicente
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