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    [Football] FA Cup non league v league teams you have attended where the N/L team won.

    Crawley-Northampton in 1992 at Crawley’s old ground. Crawley won 4-2. I took a mate from Kettering with me. He loved it.
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    [Football] Which end has produced the best finishes at The Amex?

    Hemed vs Cardiff at the north end. I wasn't there, but seeing the highlights on TV, I don't think I've ever seen an Albion player hit the ball so hard.
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    [Football] Withdean visit

    I used to speculate, right from when we went to Withdean, but particularly when we were having trouble getting permission for the Amex, whether it would have been possible to turn the pitch round, demolish the Sportsman pub (and presumably include it within any hospitality areas of a new...
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    [Football] Withdean visit

    My best memory from the Withdean years, apart from the two back to back promotions when Zamora was banging in goals, was the party we had at the Preston Brewery Tap after avoiding relegation in 2009. We had a virtual lock in there, with countless bottles of prosecco and other various beverages...
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    [News] George Alagiah (newsreader) 67 RIP

    I've just watched the tribute to him at the end of the 10 o'clock news with tears running down my face. A really great journalist, and from what his colleagues have said a true gentleman.
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    [Politics] The Breakthrough Party.

    We get an exemption from the hosepipe ban as my mother is classified as a vulnerable customer, as is our neighbour, not that we intend to abuse this. We will just keep the most vulnerable plants looked after. However, what drives me mad about this company is that they keep getting caught out by...
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    [Travel] Cars and congestion

    I realise that I am describing a historical problem rather than offering a solution, but I don't think you can underestimate the effect the Beeching cuts to the railways had. For example, you had a railway going from Shoreham to Horsham, then on to Guildford, as well as the main London lines...
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    [Albion] Facundo Medina

    Has a possible fee been quoted, Bozza? Sorry, I don't have time to read the article and shouldn't be anyway, as I'm at work. He'd presumably be considerably cheaper than Colwill, though, whether or not his transfer was tied up with Caicedo. Aren't Liverpool interested in Colwill now? They would...
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    [Politics] Johnson resigns from parliament

    Another one of his mates has resigned (apologies if this has already been posted; I didn't see it if so). Another of those who was in line for a peerage. I wonder whether Alok Sharma will go too...
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    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    Chris Skidmore, the Conservative MP for Kingswood, has suggested that international students should be removed from immigration figures, as they mostly go home once their degree courses have finished (and as I said in my previous post, those that stay largely make a positive contribution to the...
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    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    "Stopping the boats" has become the new slogan for this government, hasn't it? Following on from the Johnson government's "Get Brexit done". In order to achieve this, they bring in a ban on Masters students bringing dependants over, students who may go on to do a PHD, thus contributing to the...
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    [Food] Price of fish n chips / takeaway

    We go to Seaford for evenings by the sea most years. The one in Claremont Road (the road that comes up from the seafront to meet the end of the Buckle bypass) is excellent, and I think its prices are slightly less than the two in the town centre. It's a pain to park, though, as it's very popular...
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    [Football] Guess the stadia, in tye style of Planes, Trains & Automobiles.

    12/15. Got Madrid, Istanbul and the Watford railway halt wrong.
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    [Football] "Norwich City agree deal to sign Ashley Barnes"

    "Barnes would have got that". Sorry, private joke between THPP, me and some others round us in the North Stand.
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    [Travel] Is it time to scrap peak and off peak train tickets?

    HWT, if you work in the Senate House/UCL area, aren't you better off taking the High Speed service and walking from St Pancras? I know it's a bit more expensive, but it isn't anything like as slow as the regular service, and the seats are slightly more comfortable. The daftest thing I found...
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    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    Jess Philips held his feet to the fire over trafficked women and the Modern Slavery Act. He basically said nothing in reply.
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    [Politics] Brighton & Hove City Council Elections- 2023 Edition

    I see the historic borough boundary has been breached with the new Westdene and Hove Park Ward:
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    [Finance] SVB - New banking crisis looming?

    No expertise whatever myself on banking, but weren't Barclays bailed out by a private deal with banks in Dubai, or their sovereign wealth fund, hence not needing any support from the UK Government? I seem to remember that Barclays were alleged to have had the most risky "casino banking"...
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    [Politics] Brighton & Hove City Council Elections- 2023 Edition

    It was, though things have changed a bit recently. Forest Row is pretty bohemian, based around the Rudolf Steiner school at Michael Hall, and Emerson College, also run by them. It's a hotbed of locally produced organic food among other things, including a couple of bio-dynamic farms, and it has...
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    [Politics] Tory meltdown finally arrived [was: incoming]...

    It's true it was only a council by-election, albeit one with a much greater turnout than usual (42%), but the Lib Dems held the ward of Corstophine/Murrayfield (yes, where the rugby stadium is) in Edinburgh with a considerably increased majority on Thursday. The electorate in the ward is huge...
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