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    [Football] Neil Ruddock 'deliberately broke Andy Cole's legs' chance of any charge being brought! Will simply say "I talked it up for radio purposes now...but at the time had no intention to do that and injuries were purely a result of a genuine challenge" Ruddock was part of a group of players that at that particular time were so...
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    [Albion] Things to do in Liverpool on a Saturday morning

    Could join in with the locals and carry out a spate of burglaries? :D:D
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    [Politics] Bill Of Rights for the homeless in Brighton!!

    Well actually...until those those things actually is all hypothetical! Do you need a doctor for that bleeding heart and total lack of a back's laughable how utterly soft and pathetic 'young people' have become!
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    [Politics] Bill Of Rights for the homeless in Brighton!!

    There isn't enough housing now to cope with the housing problem the City already has....we've pretty much run out of space to build any new housing......and council tax has disgracefully been increased by maximum amount permitted at every possible occasion and there's still not enough money! So...
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    [Politics] Bill Of Rights for the homeless in Brighton!!

    I'm not and no I won't! And I'm quite clear in what I think and no amount of whinging from the bleeding heart brigade will make me suddenly change my opinion because you think your moral high horse is in some way superior!
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    [Drinking] Red wine recommendations please
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    [Help] Time for bed

    But then you end up with a ridge in the middle...that me and the Mrs used to fight over because it was the only part of the mattress that felt nice!!!
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    [Help] Time for bed

    eeeerrr...Yes....too soft to get a spring off for a proper dismount!!!...(proper gymnastics lingo):D
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    [Politics] Bill Of Rights for the homeless in Brighton!! Why not print some glossy leaflets to hand out to the homeless everywhere in the country to attract even more homeless people to Brighton!! That utter dick Lloyd Russell-Moyle loving...
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    [Help] Time for bed

    Had memory foam for last 12 years....been through 3 mattresses as all have them have ended up with dips on each side...even a £1500 mattress!!!!! Went back to proper pocket sprung mattress few months ago...Silent Night..No 5 firmness....wish I'd gone back years ago!!!...(also better...
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    [Misc] Human Spider view of London Tower Ascent - Just fingers and powder!!

    Bah...Been higher than that on 'Powder'.....(allegedly)!!! :D:D
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    [TV] The Americans have updated Magnum PI

    I'm guessing that would depend on his voice being suitable for the answerphone message for the opening credits??? :D
  13. Big G

    [TV] The Americans have updated Magnum PI

    To be fair....never been a fan of the re-make...reeks of talentless TV people with no new idea's! However....quite like the new Hawaii Five-0! Re-makes Ive bothered to look at..! Battlestar Galactica (TV series) - Shit V (TV Series) - Distincly average A-Team (Film)...truely awful! Incredible...
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    [Albion] Leicester chairman helicopter crashes in car park

    The really sad story here...regardless of who it is and their means of travel and where they sat etc......people went to a football match.....and never got to go home!
  15. Big G

    [Albion] Could Jahanbakhsh play match in America with Trump president?

    No...clearly indicates its because he's a muslim!!!!
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    [News] Twenty Members of a Grooming Gang Convicted

    Well actually my point is that a fundamental point about this issue is ignored because of a racial issue or has people running scared to be able to even discuss it through fear of the PC witch hunt! And what I'm advocating is people being able to talk about and have be able to have an opinion...
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    [News] Russia and Saudi Arabia

    I'd be throwing a fvcking party!!!
  18. Big G

    [News] Twenty Members of a Grooming Gang Convicted

    Oh so a gang of muslim men, who have abused only white British girls, did so because it was nothing but pot luck who they abused then?? Don't make me laugh...??? And responses like yours prove my point........a general refusal to believe that in anyway shape or form a group of muslim men would...
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    [Politics] Brexit

    And you honestly think your little dig about democracy is in no way totally hypocritical then? A democratic vote has taken place and and leave won...end of! You laughably try and argue that because you don't like the result any effort to derail the original result is 'Democratic' because you...
  20. Big G

    [Drinking] Scouser faces 10 years for Graffiti.

    Funny how every British person facing getting banged up abroad recently.....even when guilty as fvck......all apparently have Aspergers???...and this in turn somehow excuses them from any responsibility for their actions and should be freed immediately!!! Thinking the local building society...
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