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    [Other Sport] F1 2024

    You’ve obviously never watched NASCAR :falmer:
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    [Music] Echo and the Bunnymen at the Dome

    The only gig I’ve almost passed out at, Brighton Centre 86 or 87. So little oxygen down at the front, I staggered out of the mayhem barely conscious, tripping over and into people and spent half the gig sat at the back on the floor completely done in. :falmer::rock::albion:
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    [Misc] Car colours

    Don’t red cars always end up orange, unless you pay for Ferrari, or have manufacturers sorted that issue of ‘sun bleaching’?
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    [NSC] RIP Hitony

    Sad news. All those fantastic photoshopped images down the years bought a smile every time. RIP to an NSC legend.
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    [Football] Bournemouth new club badge... just awful...

    I like it. People need to get over Bournemouth. The 'tin pot' thing needs binning off too, and is probably the way some top six sides view BHA.
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    [Albion] Clothing for Rome

    Just shoplift some Tacchini and Gabbici jumpers while you're over there, along with some Adidas Gazelles.
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    [Football] EFL Cup Final - The Thread

    Lovely, oh dear Liverpool plastics the length and breadth of Sussex. :lolol:
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    [Football] EFL Cup Final - The Thread

    I'd rather no Europe than that ridiculous and unnecessary 3rd rate addition to the European calendar.
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    [Albion] Song for Roma???

    A reworking of 'Rotterdam or Anywhere' by The Beautiful South. Already includes Europa hopefuls Liverpool and Rome, switch Rotterdam for Amsterdam etc. Amend the line 'Cause Rotterdam is anywhere' to 'Cause Palace are Nowhere'
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    [Albion] Liam Rosenior - Next Brighton manager?

    What a coup that was for them, getting him on loan.
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    [Film] Most underrated movie

    'Before the Devil Knows You're Dead,' a Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Ethan Hawke crime film that recently dropped on Freevee. I'd never even heard of it but it is a fantastic watch imho. Expertly directed by Sidney Lumet in 2007, the same guy who directed 12 Angry Men in...1957!
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    [Albion] Welcome to new Roma NSCers...

    Bring back @Swansman
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    [News] Shemima Begum- Should she be allowed to return to the UK?

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, I mean who hasn't considered joining a murdering jihadist group in their time? We all make mistakes.
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    [Albion] Ben Roberts gone too

    On Talksport's Drive show tomorrow. Could be an interesting listen
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    [Albion] Thomas Tuchel to leave Bayern at the end of the season

    What had Arteta won before becoming Arsenal manager? What had Xavi won before getting the Barca job?
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    [Albion] Thomas Tuchel to leave Bayern at the end of the season

    Wishful thinking head in the sand stuff imho. RDZ has been continually mentioned as a stand out candidate for top jobs by talking heads within the game beyond the usual media nonsense. As we know, clubs base their hiring/firing algorithms on more than just 'winning something'. I also doubt RDZ...
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    [Albion] Liam Rosenior - Next Brighton manager?

    We're not Chelsea. HCFC fans will love this thread.
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    [Music] Björk is one of the most talented musical artists that has ever lived

    ^^ To paraphrase Star Wars: "The autism on this thread is very strong"
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    [Albion] Premier League 17-21/2/24

    Substitute 'West Ham' for 'Villa' surely?
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