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  1. Colonel Angus

    [Albion] Is the problem goalscoring or not?

    Interesting. Can I just confirm, to get this straight in my head, are you saying that the more goals we score, the more likely we are to win?
  2. Colonel Angus

    [Albion] Man City down to the bear bones

    Oh the ursinity!
  3. Colonel Angus

    [Albion] The return of capital punishment?

    If you have enough loyalty points.
  4. Colonel Angus

    [NSC] New Banner Motto - the POLL

    TGI Fridat.
  5. Colonel Angus

    [Albion] IF Cardiff turn us over on Tuesday...

    You’re not going to tell him that Patch was run over and didn’t go to Daisy Hill Doggy Dreamland after all, are you?
  6. Colonel Angus

    [Misc] Words we mustn't utter or type or probably even think

    Nothing wrong with cunnilingus.
  7. Colonel Angus

    [Politics] Where have they gone?

    They lost a couple of games. They’ll return at some point.
  8. Colonel Angus

    [Albion] Derby (seaon ticket points)

    Yeah, mine are added too. Like me, you must have ticked the optional check-box on purchase and paid the £5 extra to have the 15 points added for this game.
  9. Colonel Angus

    [Misc] Day trip to London - Help

    What type of cheese?
  10. Colonel Angus

    [Albion] Parking in Coldean for the Arsenal game

    So if it’s 1.8 miles going down hill, what is the distance going from The Amex to the the top of Woodingdean? Asking for a friend like.
  11. Colonel Angus

    [Misc] Initiative Q.

    #FOMO innit. I’m not signing up on principle.
  12. Colonel Angus

    [Misc] Initiative Q.

    This looks like it could be a variant of crypto (although no risk as no charge right now), with nice cartoons to make it look friendly. It might work, but I suspect the ‘target’ price will forever be just that and the only people to make real money will be the founders (if they convince enough...
  13. Colonel Angus

    [Help] HP Contact

    Source? ???
  14. Colonel Angus

    [Albion] Kazenga Lua Lua: post-Albion

    Written BY Ernest.
  15. Colonel Angus

    [Misc] Mr Brighton & Little Miss Brighton!

    How are they getting enough tension in the scarves when they’re holding them with only the tips of two fingers on each hand? Also, Miss Brighton is somehow balancing on tip-toe off-centre of that football. This must take incredible balance and strength, not previously evidenced in her TV...
  16. Colonel Angus

    [Football] Tammy

  17. Colonel Angus

    [Misc] Can you share with me...

    U OK Hun?
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