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  1. Mattywerewolf

    [Politics] Project Amber

    My son came back from Netherlands last Saturday, just before the 4am Sunday change to the rules, recognising vaccines given to individuals overseas (as long as they are on the approved list for this Country). He was fully vaccinated over there in his study year. On return he assumed sensibly...
  2. Mattywerewolf

    [Football] West Ham - Watford (nailed on draw?)

    Is the correct answer. Since if West Ham then lose to Man U (which I would expect given United still playing for Europe places) then Aston Villa or West Ham will finish below us since they play in final game. All scenarios are quite good though since a draw or loss for Watford will mean they...
  3. Mattywerewolf

    [Misc] What Book are you Currently Reading?

    The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson...Apparently Donald Trump fits the bill.....
  4. Mattywerewolf

    [Cricket] ICC CWC: England v South Africa at The Oval

    So are we all agreed that if we want to win we need to get De Kock out ???
  5. Mattywerewolf

    [Albion] Kayal

    Yes, pretty sure Bruno would have come on towards the end if we were not still in it. He deserved to grace Wembley at some point
  6. Mattywerewolf

    [Albion] Bargain buys.

    Yes - Interest free loans for several years to the value he has posted have a real monetary value!! Try borrowing it and you'll see
  7. Mattywerewolf

    [Albion] Bargain buys.

    Tony Bloom...Paid back quite a bit more than he cost!!
  8. Mattywerewolf

    [Albion] Todays Ref Kevin Friend

    Several really bad off side decisions too against both sides. We were right in line when several weren't given that should have been
  9. Mattywerewolf

    [Albion] A peep at Utd forums tonight.

    Or in May apparently
  10. Mattywerewolf

    [Football] Man of the match v Man U

    Knocky for me, although no below par performances. Bong had a couple of swing and misses, but recovered well....
  11. Mattywerewolf

    Yves Bissouma SINGS on a 5 (five) year deal

    Showing great ambition this window!
  12. Mattywerewolf

    [Travel] Advice on flying to California

    wow - probably not profitable!
  13. Mattywerewolf

    [Travel] Advice on flying to California

    Was pleasantly surprised at how much cheaper it was to go on BA from LGW into Oakland rather than SF. Booked 6 months ago going at end of July for £500 a head in economy. Try them if booking ahead
  14. Mattywerewolf

    [Football] Croatia Motivated By English Pundits’ Lack Of Respect, Says Luka Modric

    Nevill actually said specifically 'if it was about fitness we would win but it's not, it's about technical skills' in the preamble...
  15. Mattywerewolf

    [Football] Losing to Croatia v Not beating those utter ***** Middlesbrough

    Palace at home was the one that got me for weeks with that shister Swan diving.....
  16. Mattywerewolf

    [Albion] Schelotto injury

    Is the correct answer
  17. Mattywerewolf

    [Sussex] Anyone going to burn the clocks tonight?

    Yeah a waste of time
  18. Mattywerewolf

    Hemed stamp [Charged, appealed, banned for 3 games]

    or Propper. Did a job for Netherlands up top recently
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