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    Dunk - Refusing to play?

    I would doubt that Dunk has refused to play judging by how pissed off he looked after being seconds away from coming on against Fulham and then told he wasn't. Surely if he has refused to play he wouldn't a) be in the squad at all, and b) about to come on in the Fulham game. I think Houghton...
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    Ask Uncle Buck

    Can I add to this... Why did I feel so ill all day on Sunday?
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    Paul MIller

    I am a big fan of Paul's. Because its for all the local BBC stations in the South East you can get the show for miles when travelling north of a night. "Hi Paul, it's Sheila from Shoreham. I called up about 4 years ago, do you remember?" "Ahh Sheila, of cause I do, how have you been my love?"...
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    Ask Uncle Buck

    Raa raa raa
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    Ask Uncle Buck

    What would Rupert wear to the Cricket tomorrow night, given the undesirable weather on offer.
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    Zamora to sign Yes/No

    Is there actually any fact behind this or is it just the annual lets sign Bobby thread we get every Summer, except he is a free agent this time?
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    Glastonbury ... from the comfort of your sofa

    The Coke has just kicked in!
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    Glastonbury ... from the comfort of your sofa

    Florence was a let down but to be fair to her she is never a headliner. Just unfortunate for her that the Foo's pulled out too late in the day for a replacement. Mark Ronson also disappointed me.
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    Would you go on holiday to Tunisia?

    Yeah I would. I'd be doing shots at the beach bar.
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    Would you go on holiday to Tunisia?

    Yeah I would. I'd be doing shots at the beach bar.
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    BBC Sports Personality of the year,2015.

    If the Rugby lot win/do well then they will get team of the year as the Womens WC is too early in the year for it. If Hamilton wins the F1 then he will get personality of the year
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    [Cricket] The Ashes 2015 ***OFFICIAL SERIES THREAD***

    Has anyone just watched/listened to the BBC thing they just did about the '05 Ashes? They filmed it for the Red Button and also played it on the radio. Well worth a catch up if you have a spare couple of hours.
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    FC Meyrin...

    It's the first friendly. You only want to get some time on the pitch and getting players used to playing Football again at this stage. The tougher games come at the end with Aberdeen and Sevilla.
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    [Football] England U21 v Belarus

    Didn't he play in the closed door game the other day? Southgate is giving the whole squad some time on the pitch before the Euros
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    Getting to/from Royal Albert Hall on Sunday

    Yes, drive somewhere more exciting. :jester:
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    Paul McShane - are we missing an opportunity?

    The only thing I want to see in the press from the club is a player stood in the Amex with a BHAFC scarf above his head. Until then it is not for them to say anything if they don't want to.
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    Football League Show

    Have they stopped it now? I thought it was next season that was the last one? Edit: Just had a look on Google and see that Channel 5 are picking up the rights now.
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    Watch The Player Awards Live

    Even in the good seasons the best player is also normally the favourite player so even then its still popularity.
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    Brendan Rogers may be leaving Liverpool.. does he fancy something easier..?

    This weekend will be Gerrards last game for Liverpool. He is just a passenger now and if it wasn't his last season then he would be on the bench anyway. Nothing to play for now so let the team get on with their slim chances of getting into Europe
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    The Albion "magic genie". Some lighthearted fun

    I'd wish that everyone would stop bloody moaning because we had a bad season.
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