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  1. brighton_girl87

    [Travel] Vietnam and Cambodia holiday ideas etc

    When I was in Ho Chi Minh, I was dithering so much that a little girl (no older than 8 years old) grabbed my hand and led me across the road!
  2. brighton_girl87

    [News] Should a father give away his daughter when she gets married ?

    I'm getting married in a few months and my mum will be walking me down the aisle. I think my bridesmaids will do the father of the bride speech, as my mum is too nervous.
  3. brighton_girl87

    [Technology] Does anyone on here use or have a copy of AutoCAD 2018?

    Is this tool any good?
  4. brighton_girl87

    [Albion] 12,342 ticket remaining for palace

    I've just tried to buy a guest ticket but Palace isn't on the list of Home Matches, the next available ticket for is an U23's game v Sunderland. Am I missing something simple that I should be doing?
  5. brighton_girl87

    Completely off topic....Bletchley Park

    I went there before MK Dons away a couple of seasons ago and loved it. We took my boyfriends eight year old nephew and he seemed to enjoy it but he is really interested in anything to do with WWII. What if you all watch the Imitation Game together first to see if they find that interesting?
  6. brighton_girl87

    Restaurant 2017

    I've been there a couple of times and am always very impressed. Fantastic cocktails and the vegetarian burger option of battered halloumi in a bun with roasted peppers, pesto, sriracha mayo and salsa is incredible. A friend ordered their new "secret menu" dessert consisting of four large...
  7. brighton_girl87

    BBC Sussex tonight 6 pm tonight

    If you get the BBC iPlayer Radio app, you can download and listen on there.
  8. brighton_girl87


    No. Quote from The Argus: Izquierdo has not been able to train with the rest of the squad while a work permit is pending. He has been training alone at a secret location, so will be unfamiliar with patterns of play, team shape and set piece drills for the Leicester game.
  9. brighton_girl87

    Thai Food

    Massaman is the mildest of the curries - it's coconutty and peanutty, with chunks of potato and whatever meat you choose to have in it. Red and green curries are pretty spicy and are made with coconut milk but not like anything you'd get in an Indian restaurant. Pad See Ew is probably the...
  10. brighton_girl87

    will we sign a new striker before man city game

    Where did he say this?
  11. brighton_girl87

    Times Article Today

    Have you tried to copy and paste?
  12. brighton_girl87

    Davy Propper: Record midfield signing from PSV - OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED

    He'll be more than £3.5m, as Barber has said we'll be breaking our transfer record to sign him. Some sources are saying £6m but Sky Sports seem to be saying £10m.
  13. brighton_girl87

    75 more Watford tix go on sale 9am tomorrow (Fri 4th) morning; online only.

    Shhhh I was hoping no one else had realised, so I could swoop in and by two!
  14. brighton_girl87

    Restaurant 2017

    Apparently it's not. Here's a statement from the Silo Facebook page - Good afternoon people of Brighton, Quite a shock this morning. I personally could not believe the angle and twist captured in an article posted yesterday. If you felt upset, I felt exactly the same. I feel it is important and...
  15. brighton_girl87

    What do you actually pay for your Sky TV package?

    I just saw this on Money Saving Expert - a free voucher to rent any film from Sky
  16. brighton_girl87

    Restaurant 2017

    Now at the Hare and Hounds
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