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  1. Tony Meolas Loan Spell

    [NSC] REMF Quiz Night 2020

    As long as you are there to win the obligatory raffle prize :wink:
  2. Tony Meolas Loan Spell

    [Football] Charlton in trouble again...

    Wow some spin that. 'A few adverts'. You DO know it was on a giant poster outside Brighton station?
  3. Tony Meolas Loan Spell

    [Albion] Nice to see the team bonding during the winter break

    Sadly some fans are happy to enact as enablers. For me I am in the Rodgers camp.
  4. Tony Meolas Loan Spell

    [Albion] So, Team v West Ham

    Nope. Its not far from the truth.
  5. Tony Meolas Loan Spell

    [Albion] So, Team v West Ham

    I have Potters velvet bag here. Going to pull out sone random numbers and see what happens. Alzate GK Dunk RB Maupay Cb March CB Ryan LB Connelly LM Gross CM Webster CM Bissouma RM Montoya CF Trossard CF That concludes the Potter team selection this week.
  6. Tony Meolas Loan Spell

    [Football] West Ham man-bag policy

    I heard leather tote bags were banned :wink:
  7. Tony Meolas Loan Spell

    [Football] Duffy

    I will drive him there myself.
  8. Tony Meolas Loan Spell

    [Football] Duffy

    Always out of position. Cant head the ball (defensively), cant tackle and generally a weak physical presence. Plus as Merry Prankster said on the radio his attitude after Bmths 3rd stank. But because of one run out of defence people think he is Der Kaiser.
  9. Tony Meolas Loan Spell

    [Albion] Is the equation as simple as, no striker in before the end of the transfer window = Down

    No. But sticking with Webster meaning the opposition are generally a goal to the good will.
  10. Tony Meolas Loan Spell

    [Football] Duffy

    No he really is an awful, awful drfender. Line him up agaisnt some of the crap like Ashley Neal and Joe O'Caeruiell and he isnt far behind.
  11. Tony Meolas Loan Spell

    [Albion] Do we miss Hughton?

    No. But whilst Hughton was stuck in only one way Potter is the opposite almost too many ideas. A balance needs to be struck and dropping Webster.
  12. Tony Meolas Loan Spell

    [Humour] Who was your favourite Python ?

    I saw it during the latter part if the goldstone as more apt.
  13. Tony Meolas Loan Spell

    [Humour] Who was your favourite Python ?

    Michael Palin for me.
  14. Tony Meolas Loan Spell

    [Albion] Are we going down?

    For me a big fat yes. Like CH who literally had no idea we have someone who has too many (yet still plays Webster) and thus every game is a buggers muddle, team selection as well as game plan. One constant is fannying about at the back which seems to be our undoing.
  15. Tony Meolas Loan Spell

    [Albion] Lets Give Glenn Another Go.

    I have lost faith in Gpot.
  16. Tony Meolas Loan Spell

    [Albion] This Webster experiment ends jan 1st !!

    I called this at Chelsea away. I do like being right. He must, MUST be dropped.
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