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  1. Dr. Notthenineo'clocknews

    [Drinking] Alcoholic/like a beer or two too much?

    Due to my job I now go a week or so without a drop, however that means when I get a couple of days off I binge to excess, it’s not a good look. I can’t give it up, I don’t want to, I like a beer, I do wish though that I could call it a day before it gets to the stage where I can’t stand up
  2. Dr. Notthenineo'clocknews

    [Albion] How to improve NS and Amex atmosphere?

    Can I ask how many of the “move the away fans to to the East where the family stand is” brigade, were jumping all over the story of Palace kicking fans out of their seats to accomadate the so called ultras? Some of us have had these seats since day 1, do you think we should have a say?
  3. Dr. Notthenineo'clocknews

    [Help] Cold case - lost scarf (personalised)

    Bit of an old one as I haven’t posted for a while but my son left his scarf on his seat (east lower, block b) at the Spurs match, its one of them personalised ones that are no longer available. I thought getting it back would be straight forward as it’s got Jack H****** embossed across it so its...
  4. Dr. Notthenineo'clocknews

    [Music] Terrible Albums With Only One Good Song

    Well this got me out of retirement! The uplifting sounds of the early 80’s knocked into a cocked hat by Asylums In Jerusalem and Jaques Derrida, the beautiful and calming A Slow Soul, Faithless, well all I can say is it’s considerably better than the worst track on the album (The Sweetest Girl)...
  5. Dr. Notthenineo'clocknews

    [Misc] Here We Go Again - Breaking News Florida Shooting At High School

    Yeah, Donald Trump likes a Wetherspoons Breakfast
  6. Dr. Notthenineo'clocknews

    [Albion] Where is the best place to look for tickets?

    In fairness what he’s done has copied the now removed sticky thread telling us not to buy/sell tickets on here. That one was locked. He shouldn’t have bothered really as judging by the threads removed it’s just ignored anyway.
  7. Dr. Notthenineo'clocknews

    [Albion] Are you in favour of giving Coventry a bigger than 15% allocation?

    The less Coventry in the ground the better, however if they are refused empty seats there is something very wrong and we wouldn't like it if it was the other way round, the solution is we buy all the tickets
  8. Dr. Notthenineo'clocknews

    [Albion] To all the kids asking the players for their shirts at the end...

    Proud to say, that's my boy, a cracking sense of humour for such a young lad, not too impressed by Messi and Ronaldo but loves Solly and Knocky. Not a 'huge' football fan but loves the day out and proper bottom lips when we lose.
  9. Dr. Notthenineo'clocknews

    [Football] Cyrille Regis dies

    On a slight change of subject (no disrespect meant) but if I remembered this match correctly we had one on each side, namely Fozzie and Sammy Nelson
  10. Dr. Notthenineo'clocknews

    [Albion] 12,342 ticket remaining for palace

    It hasn't yet, give it a chance, if ST holders give it miss for what ever reason the remaining tickets will be snapped up in the new year by those that don't often get the chance, it'll be a bigger crowd than what they (Palace) get for league matches
  11. Dr. Notthenineo'clocknews

    [Albion] Fans shouting abuse

    Hate the fact that nowadays you can't fart out loud in the bath without someone recording it
  12. Dr. Notthenineo'clocknews

    [Help] Everton fan raising £150 for 3 little boys [UPDATE]

    A heartbreaking read, my thoughts go out to those lads :(
  13. Dr. Notthenineo'clocknews

    [Football] League Two v National League.

    Bit like comparing Cathedral City to Coon Cheese
  14. Dr. Notthenineo'clocknews

    [Football] Watching West Ham in Benidorm

    I’m staying at a mates near Pevensey next week, his TV can only pick up ITV4 so I’m gonna be watching Benidorm in Westham
  15. Dr. Notthenineo'clocknews

    The FA Cup starts THIS Saturday....,,

    If anyone’s interested at this stage, off the top of my head the biggest gap is Hyde United v Milton Keynes and the lowest placed team is Heybridge (step 4/division 8) Stevenage v Nantwich Town/Kettering Town Bradford City v Chesterfield Port Vale v Oxford United Newport County v Walsall...
  16. Dr. Notthenineo'clocknews

    [Albion] How many Everton fans without tickets? It was evident from the full 25's at the steine....

    Well the reds that surrounded me during my childhood in Chorlton Cum Hardy (about 2 miles from Old Trafford) weren’t too obsessed with who I supported
  17. Dr. Notthenineo'clocknews

    [Albion] Can we show some respect for Wayne Rooney?

    Close one between this and the repy to BG
  18. Dr. Notthenineo'clocknews

    [Albion] Advice needed please - taking luggage into the Amex

    Sadly true, the threat will always be there
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