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    Poyet NOT to Reading thread

    I'm just baffled by your need to come on to this forum. Would you be kind enough to give an explanation as to the reason why you feel the need to opinionate on all things Brighton, it's very intriguing because it has got absolutely nothing to do with your South London club. I think deep down you...
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    Poyet NOT to Reading thread

    Inferior Stadium, inferior club, its's just a fact.
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    Gatwick Express not the Brighton Belle

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    Local Services under pressure

    Be very very careful
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    Local Services under pressure

    No wonder the NHS is struggling financially, in my doctors surgery in the week there were four Lithuanians registering with a doctor. Now I'm not in any way racist but how can our NHS cope with this influx of migrants, not withstanding the impending arrival of more East Europeans in the coming...
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    Atmosphere warning for Sunday

    If you could get some of the people that sit near me to do anything approaching emotional then you are a magician. I would take a guess that 50% of the WSU do any singing.
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    How many will still be in (or around!) their seats after 80 mins, on Sunday?

    More to the point if we don't get to the play-offs how many will be in their seats come the first home match of next season.
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    Every cloud has a silver lining

    No season ticket for me next season so will pick and choose the games.
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    Life is great with Gus at the helm

    Face facts, the team just are't good enough to go any further.
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    Poyet in or out

    Poyet has taken us as far as he can with our present playing staff. Unfortunately his hands are tied with the limited funds.
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    Time for a new manager if we don't make the playoffs this season

    If its another year with the same players then we won't get to the Prem it's as simple as that. We need better quality players and the way things are going with our player budget that is not going to be possible.
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    If we can't selllout Palace at home...

    Its only a football match!!! Cheer up.
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    If we don't pick up 3 points against Barnsley. Are you concerned......

    Yes I think so, especially as I think Palace will turn us over next week.
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    Has Palace sold out yet???

    Why the concern?
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    Crowds at CP and Watford

    With the position these two clubs are in why are their crowds so poor?:(
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    will Palace be a sell out?

    If we lose the next three away and are out of contention then I doubt it.
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    4-1 up and thousands of fans leave before the final whistel. Disgusting.

    Totally agree with this, goodness knows what the players think. Three of us sitting together in the WSU were gobsmacked at the mass exodus. Its the worst I've seen in a long long time.
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    What one thing would you change at the Amex ?

    Apparently Falmer Station is being lengthend around June time.
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    Middlesbrough vs Millwall

    Sorry my friend but is there any need to use language like that just to enquire about a football match that might or might not be shown after the match tomorrow. There are young people that look at this site and to use words like that on a forum is beyond me. I give up.
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    Will there be two play-off places up for grabs?

    The Palace game won't mean a thing unless we secure the next six at home plus some points away.
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