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    [Albion] BHAFC Player of the Season 2022/23 – the NSC vote

    It was painful to decide because they're all players of the season. I'd already made the choice of Caicedo, he's been brilliant, but your case did turn my head!
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    [Albion] View from the away end…

    You deserved to go down and I'm not being Billy Big Bollocks. You've had an awful season. I don't post on here much anymore, maybe the first couple I've done in three years or so. But you are a gracious guy in a time of real sadness for your club. I wish you well. As for us... well f'ck me...
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    [Albion] EUROPE CONFIRMED!!!

    I'm quite overwhelmed by the whole season and securing European football (did I really say that?), there has been tears in my eyes today. I can't be more proud of the club I support.
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    [Albion] What should the club do about yesterday's game?

    Haven't read this thread, just chucking my opinion in. Don't have to read it. PGMOL (corrupt self governing idiots) have apologised on three separate occasions, therefore admitting their guilt. I can understand Mr Bloom currently sitting on his hands. But come the end of the season, let's see...
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    [Albion] Oh Alexis...

    He'll be gone in the summer... sadly.
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    [Albion] Tony Grealish

    I'm 58 now, just makes you realise how young he died, great player.
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    [Football] Zaha watch - *** The SEGW finally managed to escape***

    I was the OP, was that a reference to me?
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    [Albion] Happy New Year

    Hi all, just wishing everyone a happy new year, let's hope it's the year we all get back on track.
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    Does anyone have mental health problems?

    Having been through shingles (February), which I still have but to no effect as it was back then, a break up of relationship, which was anything but good, suffering financial hardship through covid, two overdoses and ended up in hospital, depression and a breakdown in August, I think, believe it...
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    [Football] Messi leaving Barcelona

    Been linked to PSG and Man City, so not far off the mark.
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    [Football] Messi leaving Barcelona

    How dare you! Bobby could still do a job.
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    [Football] Zaha watch - *** The SEGW finally managed to escape***

    Since I started this on 20-08-2018 he's gone from wasted to useless. Best left for the archives.
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    [Football] Messi leaving Barcelona

    And Charlton.
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    [Football] Messi leaving Barcelona

    I meant nobody will get him for 'free'. Couple of bill before he retires.
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    [Football] Messi leaving Barcelona

    Stick Kevin Keegan on it too ... mustard
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    [Football] Messi leaving Barcelona

    Charlton bought the European player of the year back in the 80s (Simonson?) .... hope yet
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    [Football] Messi leaving Barcelona

    Hardly goes on a 'free' so to speak.
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    [Football] Harry Maguire

    Should be banned from the England squad and suspended at Man U. We'd be sacked for this in our menial jobs.
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