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    Rohan Ince Song

    Rohan Ince Ince Ince He's the engine of our team Rohan Ince Ince Ince He's our f###ing mean machine To the left, to the right He's a midfield dynamite When he plays in blue and white HE MAKES PALACE LOOK SH#TE!!!!
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    Charlton tickets - Promotion code?

    Tickets booked, just checking out, and won't let me complete the booking until I've enter a promotional code? Can someone tell me where to find this? Never been asked for this before
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    Charlton travel plans

    How do you know Charlton station is closed? Looking at National Rail, I can get the train from Horsham to Victoria, then on to Charing Cross and then on to Charlton. Just over 2 hours in total.
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    Lance Corporal James Brynin

    Went to school with Jay, really good lad, and a cracking football player. Last saw him 3 years ago, went to Charlton away with him when we won 4 nil. Can't believe the news, such a sad day. RIP
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    Yeovil Away - Sold Out

    Looking for a ticket, so if anyone has a spare PM me. Cheers
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    QPR Pre-match pub recommendations

    Come out of Shepherd's bush station, turn right and there's a Weatherspoons just over the road. 15 minute walk to Loftus Road, can't go wrong with that.
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    Orlandi Song

    The song is the NW corner is... Viva Orlandi, Viva Orlandi, Viva Orlandiiiiiii, Running down the wing, Hear the brighton sing, Viva orlandi Great chant, very simple, catchy and will sound awesome the more it catches on. It's also a chant that could go on for quite a few minutes which we...
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    Has the pitch been made smaller?

    Was at the game the other night, we couldn't work out if the pitch size has been reduced. Anyone else notice this? Would be a strange move considering the way we play, and our very good home record the past 2 seasons.
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    Welcome Leo. Good luck from us all!!

    The picture of him holding a shirt must have been before saturdays game as there are fans in the ground. But the picture with him sitting in front of a camera looks different and could well of been taken today.
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    Team for Blackburn

    TK Bruno/Calde Greer El Abd Bridge Bridcutt Crofts Buckley Lopez LuaLua Hoskins Would love to see a side that includes Dobbie in his best position just behind the striker, with wingers either side of him. Think we would score a lot of goals like that, and get the best out of a clearly...
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    Booing Barnes...

    There were boos, but they had nothing to do with Barnes. The 'we're the north stand, we're the west stand' chant was going, and the north stand booed the west stand for being too quiet. It happens quite a lot, banter between the tw stands. Just so happened barnes received the ball as it...
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    Leicester roll call - time to man up

    I'll be there. Never been to the King Power before. Anyone know of any good boozers that let in away fans?
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    Team for Leicester

    The usual back 5 Bridcutt Crofts Hammond Buckley Dobbie CMS
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    Stephen Dobbie Song

    Combine those two songs and get: He plays upfront or on the wing Ashley Ashley And when he scores the Brighton sing Ashley Ashley He wears the famous blue and white Because he hates the palace shite Who needs Torres when we've got Ashley Barnes
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    Poyets "Best" Signing

    Voted Vicente, simply because he is one of, if not the best player the club has ever had. However in terms of value for money and consistency, has to be Bridcutt.
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    Anyone know if sparrow still has the number 10 shirt number??

    They weren't in the team photo, and neither Sparrow or vincelot appear in the squad lists on the back of each program, so just thinking they no longer have a squad number. If that is the case we could sign a new number 10 and a new number 11. Orlandi would presumably be taking one of these.
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    The Vicente will he/won't he saga [Season 2: 2012] [merged threads]

    Report in the argus sounds very promising. Think the next 10 days or so could be very interesting for Albion fans. So excited!!
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    6ff Miidfielder

    Hammand can f*** off as far as I'm concerned. Born and bred in Sussex, played up through the youth team and was club captain. To do what he did at the Withdean that night was disgusting.
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    Vicente talks positive...

    The fact that we stuck by him through all his injuries last season could play a big part in his decision. Gus is aware that other clubs in England and abroad will be looking at him, but after talks with Vicente he seems confident he may sign. Fingers crossed!!
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    Vicente talks positive...

    Saw report in the Argus. Gus seems to be confident, so very encouraging!!
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