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    [Albion] Motd 31/8/2019

    We lost 4-0
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    Huenemeier's vicious assault on disabled lees fan!

    Would be interesting to look at the footage of when the Leeds player went into the same area in the second half. Did he perform his caring duties in the same way?
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    Fifa 14 ,anyone above XP level 83

    I am trying to increase my FUT transfer pile to 100 is there anyone out there who would be willing to add me as friend(ps4)and send me the FUT transfer pile size +20 increase gift to a friend,you have to be lvl 83 and above , and any other fut catalogue items,coin boosts ,99 player contracts...
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    [Albion] PIG celebrating goal.

    I think he was just doing it so at least he felt involved in the game . He didn't have much else to do. Pretty sure I saw him reading the paper at one stage.
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    Your Ugliest First Team and Manager

    A friend of mine, upon seeing Iain Dowie, suggested he looks inside out.
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    CMS enough is enough.

    A little while ago it was just a striker we lacked but I now think we are lacking in a few areas. At the start of the season we had so many wide men but Noone left, Vicente is is a no show, LuaLua seems to be out of the reckoning. For me our best 2 defenders are out which as well as El abd &...
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    Who do you blame for the late equaliser today?

    This. No point hoofing it up field when none of our players are there.
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    Ashley Barnes - Enough is enough......

    He could very well be , but as it stands at the moment it wont take too many to hold that title. As with all positions when we get a striker who will score the amount of goals we need then both Barnes & CMS will benefit from that. At the moment they are the best we have got & so when the goals...
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    The 2012-13 food and drink thread - prices, running out, quality and choice etc

    I only ever paid £ 3 for a bottle of Fosters ( I'm a girl so Foster's allowed).
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    Hull City remove disabled price concessions.

    I think reductions given by companies such as trains are more the fact they recognise that they cannot offer disabled people the choice to sit where they want. I dont think anybody will feel this is unfair.
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    Hull City remove disabled price concessions.

    I do agree with you that as a disabled person I am happy to pay the full amount as I dont expect to get a discount because of my disability. The only thing I disagree on is the comparison you make to other sections of the community. People choose to have children, choose to have a mortgage...
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    Hull City remove disabled price concessions.

    The main issue was the lack of wheelchair viewing areas at a raised level. 50% of wheelchair seating should be at a raised level in order to give a fair choice of where to sit. Premium seating such as 1901, boxes etc does not count only general seating. The club were 13 seats short on these...
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    Eurovision 2012

    Dont know who will win overall but I bet the 2 top scores of 10 & 12 from the uk will go to Jedwood & the singing Grannies.
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    moving seats to South West Corner

    Like seagull steve I am in the s/w wheelchair area. The view is fantastic & I am pleased that the new seats are going in. It was a bit lonely for us wheelies there but we're now going to be part of the atmosphere instead of just watching it. To anyone thinking about buying a ticket in the s/w...
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    Disabled fans - relocating?

    The disabled supporters in the south east corner are being relocated. They have already been contacted by the club & chosen their new seats. The disabled in the south west corner will stay where they are, although I assume some spaces will be lost as there will have to be entrances for the...
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    OT Battery Powered Ride ons

    Depends what you mean by ride on. I bought my grandson a battery powered bughatti. He loves it. It came with a remote control so you can over ride their steering if they get a bit carried away.
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    Brum fan bigging up our stewards

    Sitting in the S/W corner all season I have heard & seen all sorts in the away end. For me I thought the Birmingham fans were one of the loudest. They were singing out in the concourse at half time & it sounded pretty good. One bloke got chucked out in the first half . He was mouthing off...
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    Toasted sandwiches

    Cheese, onion, mushroom, baked beans & a sprinkle of curry powder. I promise it is very tastey
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    Grand national bets

    Organised confusion. Love the name & jockey has blue & white stripes on the sleeves.
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    OK, I have been selected to go on Soccer Am. What are the DO's and DONT's?

    Ask Max if he has actually ever made anything happen ( anyone who still watches the show will know what I mean)
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