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    [Albion] Police in Croydon yesterday

    As a Palace fan that looks totally out of order and is not good to see. I understand matches like Palace v Brighton have a reputation for trouble (not so much recently though) but to me I think some of the police(volunteers) see this as an opportunity to have a go themselves and use this as an...
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    I pray for Palace it will be 4th bottom. Will depend how other teams do over the next few games. We will pick up but might be too late. As for you.. have started better than I thought but without more goals teams will start to suss you out a little. Anything above bottom 3 has to be seen as a...
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    James MacArthur

    A very good player on his day. Sadly since his last injury he has lost a yard of pace and we have also bought better players since then. I can't see him getting a game with Palace anymore but think he could do a good job for a new club into the division such as yourselves. I could also see a...
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    Do you hate Palace?

    I wouldn't go there regarding nicknames. Were you not the Dolphins until our rivalry? From my point of view, no hate from me, maybe a little back in the late 70's/80's but grown out of it. Still...
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    Frank de Boer to Palace

    Good grief :facepalm "My old man's a dustman"...Look it up....nuff said!
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    Frank de Boer to Palace

    Calm down Simmo the season hasn't started yet.!! We have got a new song for FDB when he arrives: Frank De Boer's from Holland He wears an orange hat He used a can of Ajax To clean his orange flat. Maybe that will make you cheer up, then again maybe not.
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    Congratulations Brighton

    36 I hope.... Congratulations, as hard as it is to say you deserve it!
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    Surely Palace can't... 16/17

    I want us to meet again next season in the has been too long! If fat Sam keeps us up then I think we will be a much stronger club next year, and we will enjoy the chance to invite you to our shitehouse so you can witness a proper atmosphere....and one of many defeats you will suffer...
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    Terrific effort lads

    I really do feel for you tonight. That first half display deserved so much more, and as for Wednesdays goal, how on earth could that be given ?? If you can keep the team together then you have to be up with a chance again, but it will be hard as there will be a few offers I would imagine...
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    Brighton & Hove Albion Vs Derby County *****Official Match Thread*****

    Good luck today. I know next match is the real big one but would be nice to see you up with us. Miss the matches and where better to play them than the premier league.
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    Good start

    I don't think much of your car mate....
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    Good start

    I have never been into reading the stars mate that's for sad low lifes
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    Sadly I was there too. I'm sure that was the game when Andy Johnson got injured just before kick off !!
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    Good start

    Sorry Lawro, seriously not intended to patronise, it's just hard for a lifelong Palace fan to give credit to biggest rivals.
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    Good start

    Fair play.... I think there are too many weak sides in the Premier for that to happen this season. Personally you could replace Villa, Watford, Bournemouth, Norwich and Sunderland with any from about 10 sides in the Championship and that would make the league harder!
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    Good start

    I would just like to say well done on your start to the season. I have not been on this site for some time as I had lost interest, but now you are flying there is a a chance we may be playing each other again next season. It is a pig of a division to get out of, and there are some very good...
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    Nearly 29,000 at Brighton yesterday, around 26500 at Leeds v Derby

    Seen lots of comments and feel at tad harsh on Palace given the history suggests our support has been greater and we will ALWAYS have the biggest ever crowd at a match. One final comment would be that your crowds will be very interesting when the season ticket deals come to an end and the fans...
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    Tim Sherwood

    Not really..... I think he is a far more realistic choice and at a club where he has a team that is under performing I think he could do a good job. Its not just about the size of the ground, its about who can get the team going... I think he would be a better and more realistic choice that...
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    Tim Sherwood

    I agree Sherwood could sort out your mess, but I really do not think he will go to your club. You would be better off trying to tempt a lower league manager such as Karl Robinson who is doing a great job at MK Dons and may see you as a step up as you are a bigger club. Hypia was a gamble and...
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    Dear Jonny Williams,

    Well this comment just summed up your pathetic youth policy. If this is the best you have I wouldn't have replied!
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