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    Profit squad ... the post match interview

    How much did/have you made? also over what time period?
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    Profit squad ... the post match interview

    What sort of bank roll do you need to make a decent amount out of this?
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    Hughton's defensive tactics

    Mucks about with the team vs Norwich and Bristol City and then when 1-0 vs 10 men decides to sit back and invite them on when we should be getting at them and pinning them in their half. Done brilliant to get us promoted but **** me why doesn't he like to just go and get the ****ing win.
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    Way too negative?

    Anyone else feel Hughtons tactics are way too negative when we have a narrow lead? He always seems to invite pressure onto us when we are comfortable and could easily go on to score more goals.
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    [Football] Travel to Fulham, Craven Cottage

    So with railway disruption taken into consideration whats the best way there?
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    Anyone ordered of them and the item fail to arrive? Currently having that issue, had to wait a week after estimated date to flag it as not delivered. Now they expect me to wait another 3 days to give the seller a chance to reply before they will get involved. If anyone else has had this issue...
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    *~*~* THE RUN-IN: £100 cash prize competition *~*~*

    All wins with 17 goals
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    car help please?

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    car help please?

    Hey, Need to change my cars wheel but was wandering if its a must to use a torque wrench to tighten the nuts? Or is it fine to drive when done without the use of a torque wrench?
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    Decent stream?

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    which strip for tomorrow?

    Just out of interest, how much did you offer?
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    How to restore laptop to factory settings?

    cant find the disk and the f8 thing does not give me a reset option. :/
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    How to restore laptop to factory settings?

    I need to restore my laptop to factory settings, does anyone know how i go about doing this? Its an Acer Aspire 5920. cheers
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    Quiz team names?

    I have a camel toe Mike Hunt is wet
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    Poker in Worthing!!

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    Poker in Worthing!!

    If anyone is interested in playing some poker tonight, get down to AMC Leisure(opposite the pier). We usually start around 8 so I would advise arriving by 7:30! Buy ins are £10/£20 depending on the number of people who turn up. If your interested but require any more information leave a comment...
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    MASSIVE teams NEWS for Sunday - Gus is RESTING players for HULL

    How is any of the tosh he writes funny?
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    We're Skybet right not to pay out my Buckley first/last goal bet?

    only 3-1 that's rather poor.
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    Craig Noone

    you whine about the ticket system yet you cant even keep up with who is injured.... pathetic
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    We're Skybet right not to pay out my Buckley first/last goal bet?

    Anyone know what the odds on us winning were? particularly from Ladbrokes if anyone knows..
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